If you’re waiting for an American edition,rnyou probably won’t like this bookrnAndrei Navrozov’s controversial autobiography, The Gingerbread Race: A Life in the ClosingrnWorld Once Called Free, has been pubUshed in Britain. The offer below enables readers ofrnChronicles to order the book direct from the publisher.rnFinally, a book that does to the establishmentrnwhat the establishment does to the peoplern’It is the story of a free thinker who escapes from the frying pan of totalitarianism only to findrnhimself in the fire of American intellectual fascism. His unique experience gives hisrnobservations an edge which most critics of ‘political correctness’ lack. His intelligence andrnlearning endow his observations with a richness and breadth few writers can display’rnTHE SPECTATORrn’The outrage he caused the literary and educational establishment, their attempts to squashrnhim, and his eventual retreat across the Atlantic are fascinating and funny… No gingerbreadrnman he, who gets smashed and suppressed by the powers that be. But a maverick, rebel,rniconoclast, clever, tricky man who is always going to march proudly out of step with thernprevailing mood of his times’ THE TIMESrn’For Navrozov, who was weaned by his father on the writings of John Stuart Mill and GeorgernOrwell, culture is born of antagonism and iconoclasm… He repudiates what he condemns asrnthe platitudinous myths of democratic America, the pressure of conformity and therncomplacency of American liberalism. As he surveys the sweep of world history through hisrnown family biography, he sees a receding horizon of enclaves, stretching forth into infinityrnlike the Russian steppe’ NEW STATESMAN & SOCIETYrnThe book nobody in America has yet publishedrnby a writer who is brave enough to tell the truthrnAndrei Navrozov, who describes himself as ‘a political refugee from Russia and a culturalrnrefugee from America’, now lives in London. He has been a regular contributor to Chroniclesrnsince 1985. This book is the story of his flight to freedom, his editorship of America’s oldestrnliterary magazine, and his eventual defeat by the East Coast establishment. It is also a chillingrnvision of cultural and political confluence of the great superpowers, Yuri Andropov’s SovietrnUnion and George Bush’s United States, a brave new world where the individual isrnvanquished and history ends.rnNOW A PICADOR ORIGINALrnPlease send Copies of Andrei Navrozov’s The Gingerbread Race at $35.00 (including airmail postage) tornNamernAddressrnEnclosed is my payment by: D $ cheque D Visa D MastercardrnCard No. Expiry DaternOrders to: Pan Cash Sales, PO Box 11,rnFalmouth, Cornwall TRIO 9EN Signaturernrnrn