selves by subverting American beliefsrnand institutions. The only way to dislodgernthem and their power is throughrneountervailing power, which is whyrnGramsci has more to teach us than DanrnQuayle. And the only way to mobilizernthat countervailing power is to organizernthe normal people of the nation whorncome from places like Altoona and SaltrnLake City and who gobble down entirernbuckets of Nilla Wafer pie every day, tornengender in them a common consciousnessrnof how they are losing their country,rntheir culture, their wealth, and their politicalrnpower, and to design and popularizerna strategy by which they can dornsomething about it.rnAnd that, of course, is the reason whyrnMr. Scully and his editors felt it necessaryrnto put a few cultural miles betweenrnthemselves and the Middle Americansrnwho attended the conference. If everythingrnis as OK as National Review andrnHuman Events think, there’s no reason tornhave Middle Americans around at all,rnand there is in fact some danger in lettingrnthem loose in Washington. Thernfolks over at the Style section and thernNew Republic might see them and try tornmake out that we of the Stupid Partyrnare just like them, and then they’d berncaricaturing National Review as well.rnHow can we at National Review, HumanrnEvents, and other strategic centers of thernStupid Party enjoy reasoned argumentrnwith the cultural elite if the cultural eliternthinks we too cat Nilla Wrfer pie andrnwear funny hats?rnThe real significance of the AmericanrnCause conference was that it showedrnthat there exists at least a nucleus for arnMiddle American counterrevolutionaryrnforce, outside the Republican Party andrnoutside the whole incestuous, complacent,rnand outright crooked ranks of thernmainstream conservative movement. IfrnMr. Buchanan is smart (which he is),rnhe’ll build this nucleus into a broadbased,rnindependent social and politicalrnmovement, and he’ll leave the UptownrnRight and the Stupid Party to hold allrnthe reasoned arguments they want withrnthe enemies of American culture.rnChronicles^ REAL American Calendarrnhy spend next year grumbling about the propagandarnholidays decreed by Congress andrnthe greeting card industry?rnWah Chronicles’ UNOFFICIAL CALENDAR, you can conimcmoratc I he birthdaysrnof Washington and JeiTerson, Dante and Cicero. Lindbergh and McCarthy. You canrnweep or rejoice over the great battles—Salamis and Tours. Agincourt and Culloden, thernAlamo iind Gettysburg. WITH OUR CALENDAR you can igni)re grandmother’s dayrnand celebrate the holy days ol” the Christian year.rnDecorated with 12 ot Chronicles’ most effective covers of the past decade, the calendarrnwill sell for S15 when AVAILABLE IN NOVEMBER (shipping and handlingrncharges included). ORDER yours NOW, prepaid in advance for only $12.rnTO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, CALL:rn1-800-383-0680rnOR SEND YOUR CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO:rnCHRONICLES CALENDAR,rn934 NORTH MAIN STREET, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS 61103rnlO/CHRONICLESrnrnrn