w ^^’re the firstrnoDnservativernI’ve seen in four years.’rnOne evening lastrnspring, bestsellingrnauthor and lecturerrnDinesh D’Souza delivered arnspeech at Kent State University.rnAt the end of his talkrnseveral students thanked himrnfor coming to their campus.rnOne of the students, a senior,rnsaid sadly, “You know, I’vernbeen at Kent State for fourrnyears and you’re the firstrnconservative speaker I’ve everrnseen.”rnThings aren’t much differentrnat other American campuses.rnSpeakers programs,rnlike the curriculum, arernheavily weighted to the left.rnAnd for this reason manyrnstudents are graduating fromrncollege with an incompleterneducation.rnDon’t let your school dornthis to you. Don’t go throughrnfour years of college withoutrnhearing a conservativernspeaker. Young America’srnFoundation brought DineshrnD’Souza to Kent State. Lastrnyear we sponsored hundredsrnof conservative speakers onrncampuses all over the UnitedrnStates; speakers such as NormanrnSchwarzkopf, William F.rnBuckley, Robert Novak,rnRussell Kirk, Edwin Meese andrnPhyllis Schlafly. We can sponsorrna conservative lecturer atrnyour campus, too.rnIf you need our helprnwe want to hear fromrnyou. Or if you wouldrnlike to help YoungrnAmerica’s Foundationrnto assist students atrnKent State and atrnother schools, pleaserncontact us.rnWrite or call:rn’^’^J^i^’Sl-rnP.M. Kirby Freedom Centerrn110 Elden StreetrnHerndon, Virginia 22070rn703 318-9608rnCH12/92Brnrnrn