vanished into the financial and industrialngrids of the 19th-century nationalists.nBut compared to what globalism hasnin store for us, nationalism looks prettyngood. If what remains of the MiddlenAmerican nucleus of American culturenis to survive, it will have to evolve annew nationalist consciousness capablenof resisting the global managerial systemnand of challenging its domesticnapologists. This means that the mainninstruments of globalization — the internationalizationnof domestic law andnpolicy through gradual subordinationnto transnational organizations and treaties;nthe internationalization of theneconomy through free trade and investment;nand the internalization ofnthe historic American population itselfnthrough mass immigration and thendelegitimation of the European rootsnof its culture — have to be decisivelynrepudiated.nIt also means a radical rejection ofnwhat historically has been the basis ofnAmerican nationalism — the cult ofneconomic growth, material acquisition,nand universal “equality of opportunity”—nand its reformulation in a newnmyth of the nation as a distinctivencultural and political force that cannotnbe universalized for the rest of thenplanet or digested by the globalist regime.nFinally, it means that MiddlenAmerica, for once, will have to get itsnact together to challenge the power ofnthe ideological globalists who now prevailnin the nation as both the “left” andnthe “right.”n”In every republic,” wrote NiccolonMachiavelli, “there are two parties,nthat of the nobles and that of thenpeople.” The former “have a greatndesire to dominate, whilst the latternhave only the wish not to be dominated,nand consequently a greater desirento live in the enjoyment of liberty.” Innthe American republic, the “nobles”nhave corresponded to the forces thatnsought the unification of the countrynunder their own formulas of egalitariannand acquisitive nationalism and whonnow beat the drum for global homoge-nnization. The “people” have consistednof those groups and sections that havenresisted unification, that wanted only tonbe left alone, and who sought, asnWeaver described Hayne’s idea of freedom,n”protection to enable him tonenjoy things, not a force or power tonenable him to do things.”nBut the mere “wish not to be dominated,”nas the anti-federalists, the Confederates,nthe agrarian populists, and,nmost recently, the grass roots adherentsnof the New Right wanted, has notnsustained their independence and freedomnor the integrity of their culturalninstitutions. If what remains of suchnforces are serious about resisting beingnswallowed by the new transnationalncolossus, they will have to recognizenthat they can do so only by dominatingn— that is, by becoming “nobles”nthemselves, by uniting in a new MiddlenAmerican nationalism, and by puttingnaside the divisions and distractionsnthat have turned them into the victimsnof fortune, instead of her master.n^>n’one of the most authoritative and informative newslettersnon the activities of our adversaries on the left.”n^^Congressman PhilCranenThe best intelligence network in Washington for anybody who wantsnto keep track of the radical left—that’s what The American Sentinelnhas been for 18 years.nSince we began as “The Pink Sheet on the Left” back in 1971, thenbest informed Conservatives in America have relied on us as a watchdognof the left wing.nAs Senator Jesse Helms said,n”the average American would be appalled if he were suddenly tondiscover what is being done to his country and its principles by extremenleft-wing forces. 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