The Imk that continues to be a centralnreference in a great national ilebate—nRichanI John Neuhau^ hest-selling analysisnof religion anti ffemocraor in America.nPublic SquarenDirector of The Rockfonllnstttiitti’s Center onnReligion & Soaetv, Neuhaus challenges Amencantohring the vital moral ami rellgiousouestlonsnbackintothe “public souare.”nFrom the critics:n• “The book is elegant in execution and sweeping in scope.”n• “A large and sympathetic book, it stretches the mind.”n—Michael Scully, innThe Utll Street Journaln-Michael Novakn• “Pastor Richard John Neuhaus… is a very brilliant andnlearned writer and theologian, but he isn’t going to letnthose awM weights keep him out of the public discussion.nHis book. The Naked Public Square, has had a considerablenimpact. It argued, in effect, the Reagan position of a year ago,nnamely that in feet you cannot totally separate religion fromnpolitics because religion not only does, but must, inform politics atnsome very critical levels.n”… he finds searching and ingenious metaphors, among themnprecisely that ‘public square which is the agora of democracies.nWhere we talk to each other. Exchange opinions. Crystallize anconsensus. It is Pastor Richard’s point that that public square innwhich we meet to have those conversations simply can’t be empty—nof tradition, inherited insights; ideas and commandmentsnassociated with the divine order.”nThe Rockford Instituten934 North Main StreetnRockford, IL 61103nFor fest ordering call (815) 964-5811.n—William F. BuckleynOnlertoilay,at$8Mbelowtheorlginalhanlcaverpnce!nBOOK ORDER FORMnD Send me hardcover copy(s) of The Naked Public Square at our special low pricenof $8.95 plus $1.00 postage & handling each.nName.nAddress .nCity _nState _Zip_nnn”The book from which further debate aboutnchurch-state relations should begin.”n—GEORGE r. WILLnRICHARD JoHFinINAKEDn^iPUBUCnSmREnRELIGION mo DEMOCRACYnIN AMERICAn• “Richard John Neuhaus is to be commended for trying to put somensense back into the misconception that the waU separating churchnfrom state is both good—and unbreachable.”n— Christianity Todayn• “If this book is read as widely as it deserves to be, secularnhumanists (or whatever tliey’re calling themselves these days) willnhenceforth have a hard tirne imposing their values while pretendingnthey’re morally neutral.”n—Joseph Sobran, innNational Reviewn• “The Naked Public Square is a substantial book I sfrongly agreenwith what I take to be the book’s main thesis.”n—Harvey Cox, innThe New York Times Book Reviewn• “The book from which further debate about church-state relationsnshould begin.”nQuantity orderednAmount 5_nPostage & handling *_nTOTAL ENCLOSED $_n- George F. WillnPlease make check or money order payable tonThe Rockford Institute. U.S. FUNDS ONU.nAllow 2-4 weeks for delivery.nN86/1n