the Native was published in America, Harper removed annentire page to make it fit their format. Hardy later substantiallynrevised the text of the novel. Not only did his newnversion not show up on American bookshelves for a quarterncentury, but the American publisher kept on reprinting thentruncated version. Winston Churchill substantially revisednhis History of the Second World War in proof. This delayednpublication. The American publisher got tired of waitingnand sent the book to press before Sir Winston was finished.nA prime example of what publishers do is furnished bynStephen Crane’s misadventures with Ripley Hitchcock, hisneditor at Appleton. Crane had published Maggie, A Girl ofnthe Streets himself Appleton accepted The Red Badge ofnCourage, but Hitchcock removed an entire chapter andnmuch material from other chapters, especially from the lastnone. The book’s effect was now much fuzzier than innCrane’s manuscript. Appleton next agreed to publish Maggie,nbut eliminated significant material, including an unpleasantnmeeting with a fat man that directly precedesnMaggie’s suicide. The result was to make the reasons for herndeath unclear. The standard editions of Crane’s worksncontinue to reprint the Appleton editions, and the standardncriticism often glories in their “ambiguities.” Crane’s versionnof The Red Badge of Courage was first published in ThenNorton Anthology of American Literature by HershelnParker, because more scholarly avenues of publication werendenied it.nNot one of Thomas Wolfe’s books ever appeared in thenform he wrote it, and much of his posthumous booksnconsists of printed matter concocted by his editor.nSometimes there is a happy ending. To get his first noveln«» IW< U HnThis WorldnA Journal of Religion and Public LifenThe 1988 Erasmus Lecturenjoseru c**aiv*L « TZIHOC*nSOLUCrrUDO RU SOCIAUS—A StMIVSIUMnjlU -^^^ 22nINTRODUCTORY SAVINGS OFFERni«^n I Open my introductory trialn• Y t o ! subscription to THIS WORLDn(four quarterly issues) for only $15-1 save $5noff tfie basic subscription rate. If I am notncompletely satisfied, I may cancel for a full,nprompt refund on all unmailed copies.nn Payment enclosed D Please bill me.nCITY STATE ZIPnMail to: THIS WORLD, P.O. Box 448, Ml. Morris, IL 61054 T882n18/CHRONICLESnpublished, John Barth was forced by his publisher to rewritenthe end of The Floating Opera. After the success of ThenSot-Weed Factor and Giles Goat-Boy, he got his ownnversion of Floating Opera published. Had he died beforendoing so, scholars would have continued to write about thenpublisher’s preferences and not the author’s.nWe know about the treatment of Joyce, Hardy, Wolfe, etnal. because they are famous writers and have been thensubjects of special study. But the same thing happens tonmost writers of fiction, nonfiction, and textbooks. MaxwellnPerkins at Scribner’s did not just rewrite and butcher ScottnFitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe. He was proud of hisnwork—although he never wrote a line on his own thatnattracted the attention of either critics or the general public.nBennett Cerf not only propagated a disastrous piratednedition of Joyce’s Ulysses in a cruel parody of Joyce’s ownnwishes, but he had the gall to boast of his contribution ton20th-century literature. How often have teams of awardwinningnteachers seen their textbooks rewritten by someonenof no academic stature as part of an effort to fit marketingnreports prepared on the basis of inadequate or just plainnmistaken pedagogical notions? These Nurse Ratchets notnonly arrange for a frontal lobotomy, they then get consultantsnto confirm how much happier you are after thenoperation. That is why. Gentle Reader, we recommend thatnyou devote your reading time to the classics of the ancientnworld. They have only suffered from several thousand yearsnof misprints and miscopying, the collapse of Rome andnByzantium, and the death of the languages they werenwritten in. 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