listen to Adam Smith,nHis Ideas are innthe News.nIn 1776, Adam Smith published ThenWealth of Nations. He had some surprisingnideas about free trade, protectionism,nand the tole of go*etnment in theneconomv—all controvetsies in today’s news.nFor o’er 200 vears. Smith has influencednour ideas about how out economicnwotld works.nThe provocative and persuasive ideasnof Smith and others have been gatheredninto a collection of professionallynproduced audio tapes. Significantnexcerpts from each work are included,nbut these tapes are far more than anmere reading. The Audio Classics discussnthe authors, their ideas, and thenhistorical conflicts that inspired theirnwork. A dramatic format brings thenclassics to life, making them entertainingnas well as informative.nA New Way to BroadennYour Mind.nAli you have to do is listen in the timenyou might have wasted. If you spend 20nminutes a day in your car, you have time tonlisten to the ideas of Jefferson, Marx,nThoreau and others. Put a cassette intonyour player and learn, any where and anyntime. The Knowledge Ptoducts Audio ClassicsnSeries can become a mobile seminar.n30 Day Free TrialnSend for your first set of tapes—CommonnSense by Thomas Paine and the Declarationnof Independence by Thomas Jefferson. Trynthem free for }0 days. Aftet your first payment,nwe’ll send you a new set of tapesnapproximately every 30 days, 24 cassettes innall. You’ll pay only $14.95 per month plusnshipping and handling.nGuaranteed To Increase ThenKnowledge You Use Daily.nThis ‘age of information’ in wliich we livenis not necessarily the age o{ wisdom. ThenAudio Classics Series is designed for thosenwho recognize that gteat thinking willnenrich their lives and make them motensuccessful—today.nThere is absolutely no risk to you.nThis is the Knowledge Products guarantee:nreturn the first package of tapesnwithin 30 days, and you owe nothing.nIf you should become dissatisfied at anynpoint in the series, cancel and receive anpro rata refund for the tapes younhaven’t received.nThe Complete Audio Classics Seriesn1. • COMMON SENSEn• DECLARATION OFnINDEPENDENCEn2. • CIVIL DISOBEDIENCEn• THE LIBERATORn3. • WEALTH OF NATIONSn(Part D*n4. • WEALTH OF NATIONSn(Part 2)*n5. • ON LIBERTYn• VINDICATION OF THEnRIGHTS OF WOMANn6. • THE PRINCEn• DISCOURSE ON VOLUN­nTARY SERVITUDEn7. • THE COMMUNISTnMANIFESTOn• THE SOCIAL CONTRACTn8. • REFLECTIONS ON THEnREVOLUTION IN FRANCEn• RIGHTS OF MANn9. • LEVIATHAN*n10. • THE FEDERALIST PAPERS*n11. . TWO TREATISES OFnGOVERNMENT*n12. • DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA*n*One title in a two’tape setnFor telephone orders, call toll freen1^800-453-9000 Ext.l7CnnnTHEnKNOWLEDGEnYOU NEEDnIS NOWnON TAPE.nTry the Audio Classics Series at NonRisk. Cancel within 30 days if notnsatisfied.n^ Send me che first two tapes, CommonnSense and the Declaration of Independence.nI understand that the balance of 22ntapes will arrive in sets of two approximatelynevery 30 days.nI will pay S14.95 per month plus shippingnand handling.nn Bill me monthly.n• Bill my company monthly.nn Bill each monthly charge to myncredit card.nMastercard V^isanAmerican ExpressnAcct. #nExpires on:nSignature:nJ Send your free brochure for moreninformation.nNamenAddress ,nState, ZipnPhone NumbernKNOWLEDGEnPRODUCTSSn120 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108n© Knowledge Products 1985 CC170n>gn