A Conference on Tresikntial TjrannjrnOctober 16 & 17,1998rnPine Mountain andrnWarm Springs, GeorgiarnThe U.S. presidencyrnhosts the tax police, therngun grabbers, the landrnseizers, the race baiters, thernbusiness wreckers, and thernsecret police. It appoints thernFederal Reserve, picks thernfederal judges, and runs thernentire global welfarewarfarernstate.rnThe framers tried tornmake sure that presidentsrncould not tax, spend, orrnmake war on their own.rnBut thanks to Lincoln,rnWilson, FDR, LBJ, and arnhost of other usurpers,rnthese constraints have beenrnerased, so that today, thernpresidency is a despoticrnpower, tyrannizing a freernpeople. ^ ^rnThat’s why the MisesrnInstitute is holding the firstrnacademic conference, w^ithrnV,-rn25 top scholars and greatrnspeakers, to take a skepticalrnview of this dangerousrninstitution, and the powerhungryrnmalefactors whornbuilt it.rnWe’ll meet at America’srngreatest private park, thern14,000-acre CallawayrnGardens in Pine Mountain,rnGeorgia, convenient to thernAtlanta airport. Callaway, arnfour-star resort, is knownrnfor its restaurants,rnhorticultural displays,rnbutterfly habitat, 63 holesrnof golf, tennis and racquetrnclub, lakes, skeet and traprnshooting, horseback riding,rnbiking and walking trails,rn^ and many otherrnattractions. In addition,rn’the charming tow^n of PinernMountain is a famousrnantiquing center.rnWe’ll discussrn• the U.S. Mussolini;rn• the origins of the federal robberrnstate;rn• why bad presidents hate gold;rn• the American Lenin;rn• executive lies that foment wars;rn• the crooked little atom-bombrnlobber;rn• our third-world empire;rn• forced integration as a tool ofrnexecutive power;rn• murderers in the oval office;rn• “That Man” in the White House;rn• an actual good president;rn• and what JFK’s assassination tellsrnus about the real nature of thernpresidency.rnAnd that’s only a small part of thernprogram!rn25 SPEAKERSrn2-DAYrnCONFERENCErnVISIT TO FDR’SrnNEARBY “LITTLErnWHITE HOUSE”rn$150 PER PERSONrn$275 PER COUPLErnFOR MORErnINFORMATIONrnPLEASE CALLrn1-800-OF-MISESrnOR EMAIL :[email protected];rnLUDWIG VON MISES INSTTTUTErnAuburn, Alabama 36832; 334-844-2S00; fax [email protected]; www.mises.orgrnrnrn