1 effcrt to repairrnour uflKrstffliding ofrnChrisAn truth.”rntrn—Jos^h Sobran,rnNationally syndicatedrncolumnist;rnEditor, SOBRAN’srn”This is a very significantrnbook, one thatrnis sociologically andrnhistorically wellrnresearched, theologicallyrnwell thought out,rnand forthrightly andrnclearly written. It deservesrna fearless andrnserious discussion.”rn— Thomas Weinandy,rnO.F.M., Cap., ThernWarden of Greyfriars,rnOxford; Tutor andrnLecturer in Historyrnand Doctrine, thernUniversity of Oxford.rnS P E N C ErnPUBLISHING CO.rnWhy do men stay away from church?rnWhy do men think that churches are forrnwomen? Is the absence of men a resultrnof modern feminism, or does it haverndeeper roots?rnIn The Church Impotent: ThernFeminization of Christianity, authorrnLeon Podles, Ph.D., shows that menrnview Christianity as a threat to theirrnmascuUnity.rnThe book explores the medievalrndevelopments that caused misunderstandingsrnof masculinity andrnfemininity within the church andrnharmful effects to society as a result.rn”By documenting and criticizing the long-term feminization ofrnWestern Christianity, Leon Podles has written a major book — one thatrnhas identified a fundamental challenge for the Church in this comingrncentury, namely how to bring men back to the Faith. Church leadersrnignore this challenge only at great risk.”rn— Paul C. Vitz, Professor of Psychology,rnNew York UniversityrnHardbound, 290 pgs., $27.95. Available from barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com. Save 10%rnby ordering directly from Spence Publishing Company, www.spencepublishing.com, or callrntoll-free 1-888-773-6782. Ask for discount code CHRWI99.rnrnrn