Landmarknstudy ofnliberalismnWhere it comes from.nThe many faces It wears.nAnd why it is stillnthe menacen”Communism isn’t the enemy,” observed Malcolm Muggeridge.n”Liberalism is the enemy.”nWhen Muggeridge said that, Communism was riding high. NownCommunism is in crisis, while liberalism continues to choke religionnand civilization. Muggeridge saw the heart of the problem. Communismnwas an external threat; liberalism not only corrupts fromnwithin, but also masquerades as something good.nErik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn is of the same mind. He sets his sights onnthe Left in all its manffestations. He’s been doing that for 60 years.nThe range of his reading, his travel, his vision carries him across thenglobe, and across the centuries. The world is tmly his oyster.nAnd now, the new book that WflBam Buckley righH)’ caDs “his masterpiece.”nAdds conservative cokimnist Joseph Sobraic “I despair of doingnjustice to the book’s wealth of oddly enlightening fact, the harvest of kingnexperience, reading, and tiaveL”nPrecisely. Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s view of the Left, in all its guises, is atnonce so particular and detailed, and at the same time so sweeping, tiiatnreading him is a unique experience, mind-opening. Max Eastinanncaptured the feeling perfiectiy after reading one of his earlier books:n”Amazing! Readiiig it is like going to coUe^ and graduate school allnover again.”nHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 wedts (13 times a year) you get a fiee copy of the Chib Bulletin which rffeis younthe Featured Sdection phis a good choice cf Alternates — all of interest to conservatives.n•k If you want the Featured Sdection, do nothing; it will come automatically. • If youndon’t want the Featured Selection, or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes onnthe handy card endosed with your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. -* Thenmigority d Club books will be offered at 20-SO’7o discounts, phis a charge for shippingnand handling, -k As soon as you buy and pay for 3 bodes at regular Club prices, yournmembership may be ended at any time, dther by you or by the Chib. -k If you evernreceive a Featured Selection without having had 10 days to decide if you want it, you maynreturn it at Chib expense for fill credit. • Good service. No computers! • The Chib willnoffer regular Supeibargains, mostly at 70-90% discounts phis shipping and handling.nSuperbargains do NOT count toward fulfilling your Chib obligation, but do enable you tonbuy fine books at giveaway prioes. -k Only one membership per 351nHow to get this $29.95 giant FREEnrn a^a^ m WHM wmnExcept tiiat college was never so exhilarating. What textbook, whatnprofessor gives you insights like tiiese, page after fascinating pageln•Totalitarianism and benign liberalism: where tiiey join handsn• “Equal in the eyes of God”: why this notion is a heresy. Aren”equality before tiie law” and “equality of opportiinity” possiblen— or desirable?n• Democracy and totalitarianism: why they are not muttially exclusiven•The Communist Manifesto: 10 points tiiat are now part of ourntiiinkingn•Aristotie and the scholastics: tiuiee good and three bad forms ofngovernmentn•America’s most left-wing presidents, and tiie damage tiiey wroughtn— worldwiden•The socialist origins of fascism. What is socialism? Fascism?nErik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn belongs on the short list of major conservativentiiinkers of our centiiry. And he stands alone as tiie most interesting,ntiie most challenging.n/llnCONSERVATIVE I!! BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, N.Y. 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Qub and send FREE myncopy of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s $29.95 masterpiece.nLeftism Revisited. I agree to buy 3 additional books at regularnQub prices over the next 18 months. I also agree to the Qubnrules spelled out in this coupon. CCU L 79nNamenAddressnCity State Zipnac mmnnn1Z=InwmnICn