ulate their power to achieve their ultimaternobjective. Their only oppositionrnhas been a congeries of well-meaningrnbut politically inept and wholly unrealisticrnrightist groups, politely known as “thernconservative movement.”rnMany of these groups embrace aspectsrnof rightist, conservative, and traditionalistrnphilosophies that today are politicallyrnuntenable, ranging from the immediaternabolition of Social Security and Medicarernto proposals for armed rebellionrnagainst the federal government. Othersrnare “one-issue” organizations apparentlyrnconvinced that the salvation of the countryrnis dependent on a constitutionalrnamendment allowing prayer in schools,rnor outlawing abortion, repealing the incomerntax, and abolishing the Federal Reserve.rnStill others are publishing businessesrnor chat clubs. For the most part,rntheir dearth of insight relegates theserngroups permanently to the hinterlands ofrnpolitical life. However, drawing on thernexperience of the Wallace campaigns ofrnthe late 60’s and early 70’s, and enlightenedrnby his study of the great political sociologists,rnSamuel Francis is able to perceivernan approaching political “windowrnof opportunity,” which he calls thern”Middle American Revolution.”rnThe leaders of the Democratic andrnRepublican parties have transformedrnthemselves, he writes, into unabashedrntoadies of aggressive Third World immigrants,rnradical feminists, militant homosexuals,rnangry blacks, vacuous mediarncelebrities, ruthlessly acquisitive parvenus,rnand transnational corporations.rnMeanwhile, Middle Americans are nornlonger represented by the two major parties,rntheir role having been limited tornpaying for the socially deleterious programsrnof the “therapeutic managerialrnwelfare state” and to sacrificing theirrnsons in ever more bizarre foreign ventures.rnNot only are their interests treatedrnwith contempt by the major parties, butrnMiddle Americans are routinely vilifiedrnby the very institutions they are forced tornsupport. As Francis perceives. MiddlernAmericans are hectored endlessly andrnadvised that, “your heritage, your literature,rnyour art, your holidays, your religion,rnyour music, your beliefs, your country,rnand your very skin color are garbagernand mere tricks by which you and yourrnclass and your race have tyrannizedrnmankind.” Let Middle Americans raiserntheir voices in protest and an avalanchernof idiotic yet intimidating calumnies andrnaccusations roll down upon their heads:rnracist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, and sornforth.rnYet Middle Americans still constituterna significant majority in this country.rnTheir lack of political influence is partlyrnthe result of their failure to grasp the lifeor-rndeath nature of the “culture war” nowrnunder way, of their failure to recognizernthat the establishment seeks first to pauperizernthem and finally, during the nextrnfew decades, to eradicate them alongrnwith their nation, their culture, and theirrnhistorical memories. It also comes fromrnthe establishment’s control over a largernsegment of organized “conservatism.”rnThis includes well-financed foundationsrnand think tanks which have become almostrnentirely enclaves of Big Governmentrnconservatives, of the sort thatrnclaims Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt,rnJohn F. Kennedy, and “Dr.” Kingrnas among their greatest heroes. The veryrnpolitical organizations which should bernthe agencies through which MiddlernAmerica protects its interests and resistsrnannihilation have been kidnapped andrnneutralized. Conservatism has thus become,rnas Francis asserts, a “hammerrnwithout ahead.”rnFrancis contends that if Middle Americansrnare to master their difficulties, ifrnthey are to preserve and restore the nation,rnculture, way of life, traditions, andrnpolity created by their ancestors, theyrnmust be made conscious of the powerrnthey possess and be organized effectively,rnnot only in the political sphere but in therncultural one. They must be prepared tornarticulate in convincing fashion their visionrnof American culture. That wouldrnmean a “long march” through the institutionsrnthat are the primary sources ofrnthe strength and power of the currentrnruling elite. In short, the hammer mustrnacquire a head.rnIn “Culture and Power: Winning thernCulture War,” Francis lays out, in elegantlyrnpractical terms, a three-pointrnstrategy by which this might be accomplished.rnAll that we require, he states, isrn”the strength and the will and the commonrnpurpose to take back our countryrnand our culture.” Samuel Francis is a politicalrnand sociological realist who pointsrnthe way, in sober and sensible words, forrna true renaissance of American civilization.rnFather ]ames Thornton is senior editorrnof Orthodox Tradition and a researchrnassociate at the Center for TraditionalistrnOrthodox Studies in Etna, CaUfornia.rnExplodes the M y t h !rnJ. P. McDermott courageouslyrnfinds the truth that is at therncore of America’s mostrnproblematic, troubled times.rn—Max GordonrnWhy Women and Power Don’t Mixrnthoroughly and unapologeticallyrnillustrates what all previousrnsocieties knew, or spontaneouslyrnfound out: if the freedoms andrnpowers that women possess cross arncertain threshold in any civdization,rnthat same civilization is doomed.rnExploding the dangerousrncamouflaging falsehood thatrnfeminism is somehow in decline, itrndemonstrates how feministrnphdosophy dominates this society,rnleading us towards extinction. Itrnalso offers a realistic solution.rnCensored by the powers thatrndetermine what many will or willrnnot read, it’s 236 pages can bernfound in few bookstores. Authoredrnby sociologist J. P. McDermott, it isrna quality sewn paperback publishedrnby Patriarchic Publishing Co.rnPrice $18.95. 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