“The Chesterton Review is keeping alive what hasnbecome a fugitive tradition of social criticism.”n— Joseph Sobran, The National Review (New York).nA Special Issue ofnThe Chesterton ReviewnCharles Dickens. November 1985 issue deals withnChesterton’s work as a Dickens critic. Contributorsninclude Sylvere Monod, President of Dickens Fellowshipnand Merja M. Makinen, Dickens House Scholar in 1983.nOther Special IssuesnFATHER BROWN includes an uncollected Chestertonndetective story.nTENTH ANNIVERSARY. Noel O’Donoghue writes onnChesterton in Ireland.nCHRISTOPHER DAWSON. Edited by Dawson’s daughter,nthe author of the new Dawson biography.nGEORGE GRANT special issue. Critics discuss GeorgenGrant, Canada’s leading social philosopher.nSPECIAL BONUSnWith each new subscription you receivena free copy of one of the special issues.nPlease send this order form with payment tonTHE CHESTERTON REVIEW, 1437 College Drive,nSaskatoon, Sask., Canada S7N 0W6nSubscription cost $16.00 per yearnor $8.00 per special issue.nNAMEnADDRESSnnnBonus Special Issuesn(Check one)nD Christopher Dawsonn• Father BrownnD George GrantnD Charles DickensnD 10th Anniversaryn