New life ofnSolzhenitsyn:n”huge”… “enthralling”,nand yours FREEn$29.95 in stores —free when you joinnthe Conservative Book ClubnThe raves pour in — even from sources sometimes criticalnof Solzlienitsynn”Huge … absorbing … valuable.”—H/a// St. Journaln”Enthralling … the scholarly sifting and disentangling only adds to thenfascination.”—WY Timesn”By far the most comprehensive and authoritative biography … clear andngracefully vjuXten.”—Philadelphia Inquirern”Richly detailed, shrewd, balanced and absorbing book tells the whole improbablenstory … superbly.”—Boston GlobenMassive: 1,051 pages PLUS 16npages of photographs (many fromnSolzhenitsyn’s own collection) InEndpaper map: “Solzhenitsyn’snRussia” U Comprehensive subjectnand proper-name index of overn2,000 entries I Notes f 4-partnbibliographynSolzhenitsyn close-up — and also a panorama of life in thenEmpire of Eviln• The formation of a young Communist. Four authors Solzhenitsynnworshipped. Why dialectical materialism “enthralled” him. How henexplained away all of Stalin’s atrocities. How he came to change hisnviews.n• Eight years in hell: the ordeal of the Gulag.n• Solzhenitsyn on Kissinger … democracy … the pre-Reagan Voice ofnAmerica … Chile … traveling America by car … the docility ofnWestern joumalists in Moscow … the “gunpoint repatriation” ofnRussians after Worid War II… “pseudo-detente” … and much more.n• The kind of Western protest the Kremlin does fear.n• Inside the Soviet dissident movement, from the beginning. What setsnSolzhenitsyn apart from the rest, and what he doesn’t like about mostnof them.n• Precious passages from his correspondence, before and after exile …nfrom his travel diary.n• Stalin to the troops invading Germany: “Everything is allowed.”nSolzhenitsyn describes the drunken rampage.n• How the KGB uses Westem media to harass Solzhenitsyn. KGB plotsn(with some success) to infiltrate tiis circle of friends.n• His peculiar dress and eating habits. His favorite radio programs.n• Exhilarating accounts of Gulag uprisings — and they’re not just hungernstrikes.n• Relationships with Sakharov, an ex-general, other key dissidents. Hownthey manage to keep in touch.n• Solzhenitsyn upsets the liberals. Scammell pinpoints the times, places,nwords.nHow to get this $29.95 giant FREEnHow the Club WorksnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Club Bulletin which offersnyou the Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interest to conservatives.n* If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing; it will comenautomatically. •*• If you don’t want the Featured Selection, or you do want an Alternate,nindicate your wishes on the handy card enclosed with your Bulletin and returnnit by the deadline date. * The majority of Club books will be offered at 20-50% discounts,nplus a charge for shipping and handling. • As soon as you buy and pay forn3 books at regular Club prices, your membership may be.ended at any time, eithernby you or by the Club. • If you ever receive a Featured Selection without havingnhad 10 days to decide if you want it, you may return it at Club expense for fullncredit. • Good service. No computers! * The Club will offer regular Superbargains,nmostly at 70-95% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargains donNOT count toward fulfilling your Club obligation, but do enable you to buy finenbooks at giveaway prices. * Only one membership per household.nnnCONSERVATIVE I!! BOOK CLUBn15 OAKLAND AVENUE • HARRISON, NY 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Club and send FREE myncopy of the $29.95 life of Solzhenitsyn by Michael Scammell. Inagree to buy 3 additional books at regular Club prices over thennext 18 months. I also agree to the Club rules spelled out in thisncoupon. c c – 2nName . •.nAddressnCity . State. Zip.n