8TH ANNOALrnMISESrnUniversityrnAUSTRIANrnECONOMICSrn”In my classes at Harvard,rnthe answer is always morerngovernment. But not at thern’Mises University!'”rn—Liam Ford, Harvard UniversityrnFrom the media to the classroom, we’re told that thernfree market has failed, and that statism is the answer.rnFor another view, consider the economics of the Austrianrnschool taught at the 8th annual “Ludwig von liisesrnUniversity.” This unique program, sponsored by the MisesrnInstitute and held in Claremont, California, in the foothillsrnof the San Gabriel Mountains, runsrnfrom July 17-24, 1993.rnUndergraduates and graduaternstudents follow a schedule of theirrnown design, suited to their academicrninterests. And there is no charge. Acceptedrnstudents receive free tuition,rnroom, and board: a scholarshiprnworth $1,000.rnThe weather is balmy, the libraryrnhas 1.5 million volumes, andrnthe accomplished faculty—headedrnby economist and historian Murray W.rnRothbard—will make yournthink you’re in Old Vienna.rnFor more information:rnLudwig von Misesrn1881-1973rnThe Ludwig von Mises InstituternAuburn University, Alabama 36849rnPhone: 205-844-2500. Fax: 205-844-2583rnrnrn