leads them: to the destruction of every barrier between us, thernAmerican people, and a gangster world-state owned and operatedrnby George Soros, Boris Berezo’sky, and K. Rupert Murdoch.rnBut so long as Boris is free to trade with George and Rupert,rnthe free-traders are content. In the grim Looney-Toons worldrnof James Bovard, no government can restrict any intercoursernbetween one nation and another: “If the government prohibitedrnAmericans from corresponding with citizens in the rest ofrnthe world, no one would deny that citizens’ liberties had beenrntrampled.” What he does not seem to know is that virtualh’ ever,-rncountr)’ in histon’ has taken an interest in its citizens’ foreignrnconnections with potential or actual enemies. The LoganrnAct, for example, explicitly prohibits Americans from practicingrnwhat we now call citizen diplomacy—the best example beingrnJesse Jackson’s freelance trips all over the world, claiming tornconduct economic and political negotiations with foreign nations.rnWe allow Mr. Jackson to go on flirting with treason onlyrnbecause we are too cowardly to stop his game of racial politicking.rnMan} policies restricting foreign contacts went too far, butrnanti-nationalists would like to denv in principle a nation’s rightrnto protect itself by controlling intercourse with foreign nationals,rnsealing the border against the invasion of illegal immigrants,rnor punishing Asian businesses that, with the connivancernof their governments, not only take advantage of our gullibilityrnbut have e’en managed to buy into the Democratic Parh’ andrnthe Clinton administration.rnJohn Huang and Johnnie Ghung believe in free trade—forrnthe United States at least—except that this trade is not reallyrnfree: it costs the governments and businesses of Taiwan, Japan,rnKorea, and Indonesia billions of dollars in lobbying. Asked if hernvas working for the Red Chinese government, Johnnie Chungrnexplained that he thought it was normal for people to be loyalrnto their ethnic heritage. Compared with the politicians whorntake foreign monev and sell out their country’s interest, JohnniernChung is an honorable man.rnWhen it comes down to it, the free-traders believe that menrnand women are not really French or American, not reallyrnChristians or devil-worshippers; they are onlv rational producersrnand consumers, rootless hedonists and utility-maximizersrnwho could just as well be born from a test tube as from a mother’srnwomb. They acknowledge no social ties except that of therncontract for mutual exploitation. Concepts like “loyalty” andrn”treason” are as alien to them as they were to Red capitalists likernArmand Hammer.rnDuring the Cold War, conservatives liked to tell a fable ofrnLenin, who had spoken of hanging the capitalists. Asked wherernhe was going to get the rope, the humorless dictator replied,rn”They’ll sell it to us.” Wlien the questioner persists and asks,rn”Where will we get the money?” Lenin answers, “They’ll lendrnit to us.”rnThe big-money bovs of the capitalist West (in and out of government)rnhave changed their rivals but not their attitudes.rnThey will sell arms to both sides in an African civil war and poisonrngas to Saddam Hussein; and if a tin-pot dictator bankruptsrnhis countr)’ buying fighter planes, computer systems, and onewayrnrailroads, the New York banks will be happy to give him arnloan backed by the World Bank and the American taxpayer.rnMoney, in their view, is an amoral force of nature like sex orrnthe libido dominandi. A rutting elk will battle his father for thernprivilege of bedding his mother, and a man who lives for moneyrnonly will call you a fool or a liar if you speak the language ofrnfriendship and patriotism, because nothing should be allowedrnto interrupt the free flow of money. Religion and culture, familiesrnand nations, are just so many unnecessar)’ earthen damsrnvainly trying to hold back the onrushing tide of global trade.rnTry to stop it, and you will be crushed and swept into the greatrnmuddy river of progress.rnIn the good old days, American conservatives had to do battiernwith an evil globalist ideology called communism. Theyrnhad their differences, but they agreed on what they werernagainst. Today, they are confronted by a different evil globalism,rnthe ideolog}’ of free trade and open borders and world government.rnIf conservative Republicans refuse to stand up to thisrnmenace, then the only way they are going to get into the WliiternHouse is by buying a ticket and taking the tour.rnSandcastlesrnby Alan Sullivanrn”History is a child building a sandcastle by the sea,rnand that child is the whole majesty of man’s powerrnin the world.”rn—HeraclitusrnWe always build beside a rising tide.rnAt the first surge we scramble on our knees.rnButtressing every turret of our pride.rnNo work of man stands long against the seas.rnAt the first surge we scramble on our knees:rnSo legions shored the crumbling walls of Rome.rnNo work of man stands long against the seas.rnBarbaric horses plumed with streams of foam.rnSo legions shored the crumbling walls of Rome,rnAnd China raised her ramparts taller still.rnBarbaric horses plumed with streams of foamrnTumbled across the dark horizon’s sill.rnAnd China raised her ramparts taller still.rnToday the ruins look impregnablernTumbled across the dark horizon’s sill.rnThe Mongols found them no great obstacle.rnToday the ruins look impregnable.rnButtressing every turret of our pride.rnThe Mongols found them no great obstacle.rnWe always build beside a rising tide.rn)ULY 1998/13rnrnrn