distribution of equipment to Kavaja’s Albanianrnsquatters at the mine, Diana Johnstonernpredicted it all in an amply documentedrnarticle (“Taking over the Trepcarnmines: plans and propaganda”). She examinedrna November 1999 InternationalrnCrisis Group (ICG) paper on the Trepcarnmining complex and a February 23, 2000,rnarticle in the Toronto Star by ICG consultantrnSusan Blaustein. Both called on UNMIK,rnheaded by Bernard Kouchner, to cutrnthrough legal disputes over the industry’srnownership and take over Trepca itself.rnThe ICG is a think tank founded in 1995rnand bankrolled by financier George Soros.rnIt “provides policy guidance to governments”rninvolved in the NATO-led reshapingrnof the Balkans. Its key figure is MortonrnAbramowitz, a proponent of NATO’srn”humanitarian intervention” and a sponsorrnof Kosovo Albanian separatists. Thernhuman rights of ethnic Albanians wouldrnbe assured by stealing property worth billionsrnof dollars: “The return to work ofrneven a few hundred Kosovar minersrnwould represent, for all Kosovars, the reclaimingrnof their patrimony.” But as Johnstonernnotes, the ICG’s love for the Albaniansrnmay be less than perfect:rnSimply handing Trepca over tornthe Kosovars is ruled out byrnthe shortage of modern s k i l l srnavailable locally, the needrnfor internationally-verifiablernstandards to avoid corruption,rnas well as damage to the insrnt a l l a t i o n s . “The social impactrnof the reduced work forcernwould need to be balancedrnagainst the need for competitrni v e l y based private investment,”rnthe ICG observes. Fortunately,rnthe ICG finds thatrnthe young leadership of thern”Kosovo Liberation Army” isrn”somewhat impatient” with thernolder Kosovo Albanian leadershiprngroup’s interest in “a hugernworkforce” and prefers modernizationrnthat will require foreignrninvestment capital.rnLast year’s NATO war against the Serbsrnwas not “all about the mines.” It was,rnabove all, about the desire of the ruhngrnelite to use the Balkans as a testing groundrnfor the emerging postnational global empirernof their dreams. But if a fast billion orrntwo can be made in the process by Mr.rnSoros and his ilk, so much the better. Theyrnand their courtier press predictably remainedrnquiet when Kosovo Albaniansrnbombed a Serbian church on OrthodoxrnGood Friday. That story was picked up byrnMary Mostert {www.originalsources.com)rnon May 1:rnI t was almost exactly 4 yearsrnago . . . that America wasrn” s t i r r e d to action” because ofrna rash of arson attacks onrnblack churches in the South.rnAlthough at least a couple ofrnthose churches turned out to berntargeted by black people . . .rnjust the thought of minorityrnchurches being burned to thernground . . . was enough for bipartisanrnHouse and Senate . . .rnresolutions condemning thernchurch burnings . . . Clintonrnsaid at the time, ” I t ‘ s hard tornthink of a more depraved act ofrnviolence than the destructionrnof a place of worship.”rnThus, Mary Mostert argues, one wouldrnhave expected him to say something aboutrnthe destruction of Serbian churches:rnSome of those churches werernh i s t o r i c landmarks that werernmore than 500 years old. OnrnApril 28th, Orthodox Good Friday,rna time bomb set by Albanianrnt e r r o r i s t s blew up St. PetkarnChurch in the village of Grncarrnin Kosovo. . . . I t is in thernregion controlled by the AmericanrnKFOR troops, whose mainrnpurpose should be protection ofrnSerbs and their property . . .rnAnd a l l we hear from Bill Clintonrni s that the Albanians arernmerely ” r e t a l i a t i n g ” againstrnthe Serbs.rnThe ultimate domestic consequence ofrnClinton’s Kosovo policy may be the rise ofrnethnic separatist movements seeking therndisintegration of the United States. OnrnApril 25, the Albuquerque Tribune publishedrna fascinafing article with a simplernmessage: “Southwest shall secede fromrnU.S.” Charles Truxillo, a professor ofrn”Chicano studies” at the University ofrnNew Mexico, suggests that Republica delrnNorte would be a good name for the new,rnsovereign “Hispanic” nation that he foreseesrnstraddling the current border betweenrnthe United States and Mexico:rnThe Republic of the North-hernpredicts i t s creation as “anrninevitabilitY”-would includerna l l of the present U.S. statesrnof California, Arizona, NewrnMexico, Texas, plus southernrnColorado. Stretching from thernPacific to the Gulf of Mexico,rni t would also include thernnorthern t i e r of several currentrnMexican s t a t e s (Baja California,rnSonora, Chihuahua,rnCoahuila, Nuevo Leon andrnTamaulipas), and i t s capitalrnwould probably be Los Angeles.rnBut Professor Truxillo is not a simplernanalyst making an “objective” prediction.rnAlthough he does not repudiate violence,rnhe regards a civil war as “unlikely;” therncreation of the Republic of the North mayrnbe accompUshed through the political process.rnThe “electoral pressure” of the futurernHispanic population throughout thernregion will be sufficient “not within thernnext 20 years but within 80 years”:rn”I may not live to see the Hispanicrnhomeland, but by the endrnof the century my students’rnkids will live in i t , sovereignrnand free.” Truxillo sees hisrnchief task in developing arn”cadre of i n t e l l e c t u a l s ” whornwill s t a r t thinking about thernp r a c t i c a l i t i e s of how the Republicrnof the North can becomerna r e a l i t y . ” I t ‘ s not unfeasiblernas a premise-and a r e a l i s ­trni c p o s s i b i l i t y when you considerrnglobal geopoliticalrntrends. It could happen withrnthe support of the U.S. governmentrn. . . We will one day be arnmajority and reclaim ourrnb i r t h r i g h t by any means necessary-rnand we shouldn’t shyrnaway.”rnAnd so, while a wholesale migratoryrninvasion proceeds unabated at home,rnWashingtonians drool over the emergingrnglobal empire of their dreams. By handingrnKosovo over to the KLA, they haverngiven the budding Latino separatist movementrna strong argument that an ethnicrngroup should be allowed to secede becausernof superior numbers. The Truxillosrnof this world sense—even if they don’trnquite understand—that the final fruit ofrnempire is the death of the very people thatrntakes the imperial path.rnJULY 2000/23rnrnrn