“All the NewsrnUnfit to Print” ignsi of tlje Cime^rnVol. 2 No. 5 May 2000rnThe nostalgic should derive some comfortrnfrom the knowledge that, in one respectrnat least, the 1930″s are back: Dr.rnJoseph Goebbels is alive and well, and livingrnin Atlanta. According to the Dutchrndaily Trouw (February 21), CNN employedrnmilitary specialists in “psychologicalrnoperations” (psyops) disguised asrnjournalists during the Kosovo war:rn”Psyops personnel, soldiersrnand officers, have been workingrnin CNN’s headquarters inrnAtlanta through our programrnTraining With Industry, ” saidrnMajor Thomas Collins of thernU.S. Army Information Servicern. . . “They worked as regularrnemployees of CNN. Conceivably,rnthey would have worked onrns t o r i e s during the Kosovo war.rnThey helped in the productionrnof news.”rnTrouw points out that this revelationrnraises serious doubts about CNN’s journalisticrnintegrity and independence. Thernmilitary personnel belonged to the FourthrnPsychological Operations Group, stationedrnat Fort Bragg, North Carolina, andrncharged with spreading “selected information.”rnCNN proved evasive at first: “Irndon’t believe that we would employ militaryrnpersonnel; it doesn’t seem like somethingrnwe would nomially do,” said CNNrnspokeswoman Megan Mahoney.rnBut when the U.S. Army InformationrnService confirmed thernnews, Mahoney said she wouldrnhave to contact CNN’s seniorrno f f i c i a l s . However, on Sundayrnevening CNN s t i l l could notrnprovide an o f f i c i a l statementrnto Trouw.rnTrouw concludes by pointing out thatrnCNN has been accused of being “one-sided,rnoverly emotional, over-simplified andrnrelying too heavily on NATO officials.”rnWorldNetDaily.com, commenting on thernstory and a subsequent report by GeoffrnMetcalf on their website, remarked thatrn”what CNN and the U.S. military are doingrnis reminiscent of those dark years inrnGemiany in the 1930s and 1940s, whenrnGoebbels kept the masses ignorant andrnmisinformed”:rnIf you s t i l l think major mediarnplayers like CNN are “fair” andrn”unbiased” and “honest” in thernway they present the news,rnyou’re hopeless. . . . [T]hatrnconcept-“presenting the news”-rni s revealing in and of i t s e l f .rnGoebbels “presented the news”rnto the German people; the Germanrnpress did not “report” i t .rnNow we know that—at least whenrni t comes to m i l i t a r y adventuresrnthat are l i k e l y less thanrnpopular with the American people-rnCNN, with Uncle Sam’srnhelp, is also “presenting thernnews” rather than reportingrni t . Just like Goebbels.rnThose psyops soldiers need to try harderrnif they want us all to think politicallyrncorrect thoughts: According to a News-rnMax.com/Zogby poll released on Marchrn2, “74% of Americans oppose defendingrnKosovo militarily,” and similar percentagesrnthink the United States shouldn’t defendrnTaiwan (69 percent), Israel (59 percent),rnor South Korea (72 percent).rnThe NewsMax.com poll results arernprobably troubling to the Taiwanese govemment.rnIn the aftermath of Kosovo, thernChinese leadership stepped up its rhetoricrnregarding Taiwan and, in early March,rnstated categorically that it would not renouncernthe use of force to take the island.rnYet only 31 percent of Americans said thernUnited States should defend Taiwan. Apparently,rnthe views of the overwhelmingrnmajority of Americans don’t count withrnthe best Congress money can buy:rnLast month, the House of Representativesrnoverwhelminglyrnpassed a resolution callingrnfor closer U.S. m i l i t a r y t i e srnbetween Taiwan and the UnitedrnStates. The Taiwan RelationsrnAct already s t a t e s the UnitedrnStates will aid in Taiwan’s defensernif Taiwan i s attacked.rnOn this issue, don’t expect mature,rnstatesmanlike diplomatic poise on eitherrnside of the political divide, however Accordingrnto Insight Magazine, “CasperrnWeinberger told a meeting on Capitol Hillrnthat ‘it might not be wise for America torngo to war with China, but it might be necessary.'”rnUnwise but necessary? Whatrndoes that mean?rnSmall wonder that the arms trade isrnbooming all over the world. The onlyrnguaiantee against becoming the target ofrnsome future “humanitarian” campaign isrnthe ability to strike back—hard. Russia’srntop defense industry official announcedrnon March 7 that Moscow expected to earnrnat least $4.3 billion from foreign armsrnsales this year. While this was taken as arnsign of the recovery of Russia’s strugglingrnmilitary-industrial complex, world armsrnsales topped $55.8 billion in 1998, accordingrnto the London-based International Instituternfor Strategic Studies; half of thernsales were made by the United States.rnTolerance toward the tens of thousandsrnof U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany is inrndanger of snapping after the arrest of threernAmerican teenagers for murder AH sonsrnof servicemen at the U.S. base at Darmstadt,rnthe youths, ages 14 to 18, have confessedrnto throwing rocks onto six carsrnfrom an overpass. The attacks caused therndeaths of two women and injured five otherrnmotorists. “Killer kids from Darmstadt,”rnran the headline in Bild:rnRelations between Americansrnand t h e i r German hosts are usuarnl l y good, perhaps becausernthey have almost nothing to dornwith each other. But the threernboys on Darmstadt’s LincolnrnEstate evidently found l i ferndull, and while hanging out atrnthe local bowling alley theyrninvented a new game. For weeksrnthey have been going to a nearbyrnmotorway and throwingrnstones at passing cars. Itrn24/CHRONICLESrnrnrn