serve under Clinton. “I’ve beenrnaround the military for morernthan 30 years and I have neverrnseen morale this low,” Simonsonrnsays. “Bill Clinton has destroyedrnthe soul of our armedrnforces.” . . .A psychologistrnwho treats obsessions says Clinton’srnpreoccupation with hisrnlegacy could be viewed by mentalrnhealth professionals as a warningrnsign over the President’srnstability. “There are enoughrnoutward signs that the Presidentrnis so driven by his obsessionrnwith his legacy that itrncould be affecting his mentalrnjudgments,” says Dr. StephaniernCrossfield.rnThe fundamental idiocy of the Balkanrntragedy was aptly summarized by JuliernBurchill in the Guardian (“Forty reasonsrnwhy the Serbs are not the new Nazis andrnthe Kosovars are not the new Jews,” Aprilrn10):rn1) Because the Nazis did not putrnJews on the train to Israel, asrnthe Serbs are now putting ethnicrnAlbanian Kosovars on the train tornAlbania.rn2) Because we’re the ones fightingrnalongside the Luftwaffe andrnthe Serbs are the ones whom thernLuftwaffe is bombing. . . .rn9) Because Clinton is a liar. . . .rn11) Because the Kosovan LiberationrnArmy is a terrorist organisationrnthat has been killing innocentrnSerbs for years, whereasrnthe Jews were model citizens. . . .rn13) Because it wasn’t the Serbsrnwho fought with the Nazis in Yugoslaviarnduring the second worldrnwar-it was the Croats and thernMuslims. (Nazi Muslims! What anrnabsolutely mind-blowingly terrifyingrnconcept!)rn14) Because, if they were Nazis,rnthe US wouldn’t be fighting themrnbut funding them, like all thosernold pigs it props up in LatinrnAmerica. . . .rn15) Because anyone who knows anythingrnabout European history beforern1945 backs the Serbs. . . .rn22) Because the Serbs have a bittersweetrnsense of humour, whereasrnthe Nazis, being Germans, werernutterly humourless. After all,rncan you really imagine the Krautsrnduring the time of the Alliedrnbombardment going around with arnbullseye and the word “TARGET”rnpainted on their faces?rn23) Because the Serbs were thernonly people in Yugoslavia whornnever persecuted the Jews.rn24) Because Blair can’t be trustedrnwhen he gazes into Billy Bob’srnbig blue eyes and the hormonesrnkick in. . . .rn28) Because the Jews didn’t indulgernin personal vendettas asrnthey went into the countries thatrnwelcomed them as refugees, letrnalone get to the point of shootingrneach other at point blankrnrange, as two Kosovar men did inrnCalais last week while they werernwaiting to be put on the boat tornBritain.rn29) Because the Jews didn’t growlrnat women on the streets of theirrnhost countries, as Albanian menrnseem wont to. . . .rn32) Because the British tabloidsrnare the first people since thernNazis to use the word “Slav” as arnterm of abuse.rn33) Because the KLA is funded byrndrug-trafficking, while the nearestrnthe German Jews ever got torndrugs was chicken soup.rn34) Because the German Jews didn’trnwant to annex part of Germanyrnand call it Israel-On-The-Rhine.rn35) Because last year the BritishrnImmigration Office decreed thatrnthe Kosovars were not a distinctrnracial group. (And it’s been arndamned long time since anyonernsaid that about the Jews.)rn36) Because clean-limbed, dirtymindedrnlittle WASP girls don’trngrow up dreaming of marrying arnbig, handsome, sexy, intellectualrnKosovar.rn37) Because Germany has agreed torntake 40,000 Kosovar Albanianrnrefugees-that’s “take”, notrn”kill”.rn38) Because the Greeks syitpathisernwith the Serbs-and the Greeks alwaysrnback the right side.rn39) Because Israel sympathisesrnwith the Kosovars, and Israelrnalways backs the wrong side.rn(Lovely shot of that Israeli jetrnflying cheek-to-cheek with thernLuftwaffe, lads!)rn40) Because Nazis don’t win warsandrnSerbs don’t lose them.rnTJeturn to the patber’s J^ousernGOD THE FATHER & Wxmm FATHERHOODrnA Tovu^tune. ConferencernOctober 7-9,1999 • Chicago, IllinoisrnJoin us—Roman Catholic, Protestant,rnand Orthodox Christians—for plenaryrnsessions and workshops including: “Fatherhood inrnCrisis,” “Why Men are Leaving the Churches,”rn”The God the Father; Psychological Support,”rn”Why We Call God Father,” and “Patriarchy andrnHierarchy.”rnSpeaJcers induie.: • Paul Vitz, author ofrnPs?cholQg;y a& K