who run today’s “Western democracies.” Indeed, it was withrnthe skins of the Bosnian and Krajina Serbs that he has turnedrnhimself from “the butcher of the Balkans” into “a necessaryrnpartner.”rnHaving ignored the very existence of the Serb opposition tornMilosevic for the best part of the past decade, the UnitedrnStates government was forced to make some token gestures ofrnsupport when his position seemed seriously threatened. Butrneven then, overtures were directed only at those figures in Belgradernwhich were judged “safe” from the globalist perspective.rnThis meant that the three-party coalition Zajedno (Together)rnneeded to be quickly Havelized, and subsequently kept in reservern—just in case the Serbs do not listen to the voice of wisdomrnfrom Washington, and decide to do a Ceausescu onrnMilosevic.rnIt hardly needs stating that America’s support of the Zajednorncoalition has nothing to do with the alleged democraticrncredentials of its three parties, and everything to do with therndegree of its leaders’ professed readiness to act in accordancernwith the diktat from Washington. Hence the sad spectacle ofrnall Zajedno coalition leaders swearing by the prevailing form ofrnsocial and political organization in Western Europe and thernUnited States, and invoking it as a panacea for Serbia’s manyrnills. Vuk Draskovic, Zoran Djindjic, and Vesna Pesic; the triornwas successfully portrayed in the West as “the opposition” inrnSerbia. The troika rejected any serious debate on the causes,rnmeaning, and lessons of the tragedy which befell their nation inrnthis century, and by doing so, it reduced its target audience tornsegments of the Serbian body-politic which is deemed politicallyrncorrect by Clinton and Albright: the segments that arernsubmissive to “the West,” a-national to the point of self-hatred,rnbrazenly materialistic, antitraditionalist, and secular.rnWith such an opposition, it is unsurprising that the popularrndiscontent with Milosevic could not have been channeled intorna victory for his enemies. The Zajedno coalition has beenrnwarned in no uncertain terms by Washington to shun all “unsuitables,”rnnot only open nationalists such as Vojislav Seselj, butrneven thoroughly moderate patriots with impeccable democraticrncredentials (such as Dr. Kostunica) who are simply not kosherrnenough for the U.S. State Department.rnThe resultant failure to forge a united opposition frontrnagainst Milosevic was described in some Western capitals, yetrnagain, as the failure of the Serbian opposition. In the meantime,rnMilosevic is in the process of reconsolidating his grip onrnpower after a tricky period. Western chanceries may breath arnsigh of relief. From the standpoint of the American Embassy inrnBelgrade, the policy has paid off. An internally weakened Milosevicrnis allowed to linger on, but his weakness guarantees hisrneven greater pliability when he is faced with new demands—rnover Kosovo, Sanjak, The Hague Tribunal, or whatever. On thernopposition front only those who swear by the Big Mac, and whornspeak the language of ten-second CNN sound-bites, are recognizedrnas potential alternatives to the Big Boss.rnThis “democratic” opposition still parrots old slogans fromrnthe 1980’s about something called “United Europe,” pretendingrnthat this project is miraculously still open to those less fortunaternnations of the Old Continent which happen to adherernto the Orthodox tradition. No less embarrassing is the “pro-rnAmericanism” of Draskovic and Pesic. Draskovic, the BalkanrnCandide without the innocence, does not understand America,rnbut he thinks he knows what is expected of him in terms ofrnlip-service and rhetoric. Ms. Pesic, worse still, rather likes whatrnshe finds in its centers of power; she is the ambitious clone ofrnHillary Clinton and Susan Sontag. The story those two tell thernSerbs after their low-level meetings in Washington is a curiousrnmix of brown-nosing, ignorance, and outright manipulation:rnSesame Street blended with Agitprop. What they do not tell,rnperhaps because they do not know, is how deeply they are despisedrnby their Washingtonian interlocutors. It is useful, havingrnQuislings handy; but it is unpleasant having to humor them.rnThe job is usually left to junior staffers and GS-11 protocol bureaucrats.rnThe movers and shakers can afford to be aloof with theirrnwould-be clients from Belgrade. Serbia is not a very importantrnplace per se, and there is no cost, political or otherwise, to beingrnrude to the Serbs. The place does not matter, but it wasrnuseful for an exercise in the destruction of traditional nationhood,rnNew World Order-style. The Serbs’ striving to remainrnpart of one state when Yugoslavia started disintegrating—a desirernas natural as it is reasonable—was proclaimed from insidernthe Beltway to be the deadliest of sins by those whose goal is arnworld in which any bonds of loyalty borne out of centuries ofrnshared experience are eradicated. The Serbs in Belgrade werernto be forbidden to help the western Serbs, in the Krajina and inrnBosnia, in their struggle to be the masters of their own destinyrnin the lands they had inhabited long before the first Pilgrim Fathersrncelebrated their first Thanksgiving. And now, the UnitedrnStates has the president of the place, as well as his supposedlyrnimplacable political opponents, shouting “Amen.”rnWith such ringing diplomatic success, it may be too much tornexpect a shift in Western policy towards the Serbs in general, orrnMilosevic in particular. Such policy is shaped by people whornhave failed to recognize—or, worse still, understand but do notrncare—that the same forces which have torn Bosnia asunder arernalso present in many American cities, as well as in Marseilles,rnBeriin, and Amsterdam.rnYes, “Bosnia” is bound to happen in Southern California, inrnYorkshire, and in Brandenburg, if our society remains onrnthe same course charted by the pseudoelites who run Americarnand Western Europe today. These corifei of rights without liberty,rnthe high priests of lives without substance, are not differentrnfrom Slobodan Milosevic, the seedy apparatchik who hadrnnever, ever been that “Serb nationalist leader” of a thousandrnWestern editorials. Throughout his decade in power they havernacted as his discrete mentors, because they are anti-Serb;rnand throughout the wars of Yugoslav succession they havernbeen anti-Serb because they are anti-American, and anti-rnEuropean.rnThe sears of this past decade will take a long time to heal,rneven if America eventually shakes off the ignominy of the Clintonrnpresidency, and even if the current push for the “UnitedrnEurope” is defeated by the joint efforts of all who love Europerntoo much to allow its destruction through integration. Butrnwhether the emaciated remnants of Christendom on bothrnsides of the Atlantic still have the will and ability to do so isrnopen to doubt. L’affaire Milosevic illustrates the tempora andrnmores of the Western wodd as it nears the new millennium,rnAuberon Waugh has predicted that the next will be a worthyrnsuccessor to this altogether awful century—a brazenly triumphantrnera of thuggery, muggery, and buggery. When Clintonrngreets Milosevic as “a trusted pillar of regional stability” atrnthe White House in 1999, we will know that Waugh was right.rn26/CHRONICLESrnrnrn