The histoiy professionnis dominated by the samenforces that have tut’nednthe universities intonre-education camps for annarrow ideology. This isnespecially true of thenjournals that scholars andnstudents have traditionallynrelied upon to keep themselvesncurrent on the latestnthinking in the discipline.nBut. there is annalternative. Continuity,npublished twice yearly bynthe Young .America’snFoundation, is dedicatednto the study of histor’ as ansearch for the truth for itsnown sake. We believe innthe superiority of our freensociety to any practicablenalternative, legitimatenSend this coupon to:nContinuitync/o Young America’s FoundationnThe F.M. Kirby Freedom CenternllOElden StreetnHerndon, Virginia 22070nONTINUITYnTHE ONLYnCONSERVATIVE JOURNAL OFnHISTORY IN AMERICAnCONTINUITYn!^l>i:C’lAl. II..TUH1-,nIr-i .1, . jiiii K.h, r • n • MiJJ nI.SS.-WSnMarvin OLi.kvnYOUNG AMERICASnF O U N Dnauthority, and thenpresumptive value ofntradition as the accumulatednwisdom of the past.nIn the pages ofnConlinuity are essays andnreviews by many of thenleading historians innAmerica. Authors ofnrecent articles havenincluded M.H. Bradford,nRonald Radosh, WilcombnWashburn, Robert JamesnMaddox, Aileen Kraditor,nPaul Gottfried, ForrestnMcl^onald, Grady Mc-nWhiney, Edward S.nShapiro, John Lukacs,nClyde Wilson, Stephen J.nTonsor, and many others.nTo subscribe returnnthe coupon below withnpayment.nn Please enter my subscription to Continuity and send nie anfree copy of Russell Kirk’s The Roots of American Order.n(Subscription rate is $12.00 for one year; $20.00 for two years.)nNamenAddress_nCitynn I have enclosed a check fornsubscription to Continuity.n_State_ Zip_n_for my yearnPlease make checks payable to Young America’s Foundation.nnnCHn