ing like the liberal opposition, while atrnthe same time appealing to Cold Warrnimperatives. This first impressed itselfrnupon me while listening to an address b’rnthe conservative celebrity Harry Jaffa, deliveredrnat a conservative youth gathering.rnThe speech, far from being greeted asrnpoppycock, brought forth extended applausernand was printed with minor variationsrnin several conservative journals. Inrnhis remarks Jaffa explained that desegregatingrnall public facilities in the UnitedrnStates was essential for defeating communism.rnI’nless the federal governmentrnassured every black person equal accessrnto whatever public amenity was availablernto whites, it could not triumph in thernstruggle against totalitarianism. And in arnpreview of what by the 1980’s became arnmainstream conservative view, Jaffarnopined that communism was really a reactionaryrnforce related to the thinking ofrnthe Confederacy and of other antidemocraticrnmovements. Communists werernopposed to human rights and did notrnhold all men to be born equal.rnThus, to my surprise, there emerged arn”conservative” variant of leftist anticommunism,rnwhich by the 80’s incorporatedrnthe Cold War liberal brief, holding thatrncommunists were anti-Semitic, anti-gay,rnand anti-labor. Needless to say, therernwas nothing in this anticommunism thatrnthe American left would not have beenrnable to buy, were it not for its persistentrnsoftness toward Stalinist murderers. Onlyrnthis particular softness kept the officialrnleft, including the media, from embracingrnthe anticommunist ideology thatrnprevailed bv the end of the Cold War.rnWhat the left never grasped, or wantedrnto, was that there was nothing in this anticommunismrnthat conflicted with theirrninterests. The fall of communism wouldrnbring about a leftist triumph—not therndark night of some hallucinatory Mc-rnCarthyism. Indeed, the antifaseism thatrnis alive and well toda’ in both the Oldrnand New worlds, fueling p.c, haternspeech laws, and government-mandatedrnsensitivity training, is not a reaction tornthe Cold War. It is more of the usualrnguided democracy, including forced mobilizationrnto fight an enemy which is alwaysrnimagined to be on the right, thatrnwas already a notable aspect of Americanrnlife in the Cold War period itself. crnN»rn”The ‘^egnery Xecturesrnamed in honor of Rockford Institute board member and longtime supporter Henry Regnery, this seriesrncaptures for posterity the voices and words of important cultural and political figures.rnEach tape costs $12.50, shipping and handling charges included.rn^ OiiantiturnNEW OFFERINGS:rn• “Let My People Go! Returning Self-Rule to Rockford” featuring Thomas Fleming and U.S.rnCongressman Don Manzullo on the Rockford school desegregation lawsuitrn• “The Floundering Free Society, or Wisdom Vanquished by Expertise” by John HowardrnSTILL AVAILABLE:rn• “Fighting and Winning the Culture War: Reports from Three Fronts”rnfeaturing Allan Carlson on Family, Harold O.J. Brown on Religion, Thomas Fleming on Culturern• “What Ever Happened to Civilization?” by John Howardrn• “The Rockford Institute’s Twentieth Anniversary Dinner” featuring Chilton Williamson, Jr.,rnon “It Takes an Institute.'” Harold O.J. Brown on “Western Civilization Between Chaos andrnTransformation,” and Allan Carlson’s “Reflections at Twenty Years”rn• “To Hell with Culture: What Is It That We Must Conserve?” by John Lukacsrn• “Should Conservatives Leave the Republican Party?”—a debate betweenrnHoward PhiUips and David KeenernNo. OF TAPES X $ 12.50 PER TAPE = $rn. anKJrn.Iddrcssrn^vnd ad with duck or money order, payable to “The {{pckford Institute,” to The {{egnery Jj^ctures.rnThe iiockford histitute, 934 J^’. Main -St., liockford, Lli 61103-7061 “rnOCTOBER 1997/41rnrnrn