”l 1nf-^ -^.••n4:. ‘%i:- -inJn/ • • ^ – • ^nOur latest ally, Anna Wodecki, hasnturned out to be among our bestnrecruiters—her plumed men and enigmaticnwomen have hooked morenreaders on Chronicles than some of ournwiliest advertising. Chronicles, Annanknows, being another exile from Communism,nmust be its own best herald;nand like good gardeners, we hope tonprovide delight as well as nourishment.n(MS)n# ‘ . , • ••>••• ^:^?n’*’ •’••>• ‘• “‘ -‘•^VS’ an!>’ -iSv’ I’i ‘ fa-y-ny^-^’ti ^n„ .S’/ji;.: .•:•;•* ‘•:•.nUi y^-y:’: • “t^n[• -^-m^ :4nIllustrations by Zbigniew & Emilia FitznJd 1^ Illustrations by Anna Mycek-Wodeckin14 I CHRONICLESnnn