tendon was basically moral, conceptual,nconditioned by a profound faith in eachnside’ s argument. Often, it was referred tonas a tragic and insoluble clash betweennhonorable men who differed so extremelynthat blood must flow. Nothing couldnbe further from the neofeudalism of today’snmedia. They are in a triple conflict:nwith the goverrunent which was mandatednby the people, with the peoplenthemselves and with the sense of integritynas it is seen by almost everybody in thisncountry. They are perceived as schemers,nhustlers, exploiters and liars whose onlynrationale and morality is the accumulationnof power and wealth. Sooner ornlater, there will be a President who cannbreak their grip over our reality. Thenmore radically and drastically he will donthat, the louder will be the cheer all overnthis land. UnParadenParade is a Sunday supplement tondailies all over the country. One of itsnmain attractions is a slimy gossip columnnsigned by someone who calls himselfn”Walter Scott”—which sounds like angrim joke. In this section letter-writersnsometimes ask sensible questions, only tonreceive a reprehensibly stupid answer:nQ. Why hasn’t Jane Fonda beennbrought to trial and condemned as annaitor for her actions in Hanoi duringnthe Vietnam war?nA. The U.S. never legally declared warnagainst North Vietnam, and Fondancould never be technically chargednwith treason. She was, however, bitterlyncondemned at the height of thenVietnam war for visiting Hanoi andnbroadcasting for the North Vietnamese.nBut she was not alone in visitingnHanoi during that period. Fonda is anwoman of principle and integrity, andnshe was determined to learn the truthnabout the war, much of which was beingnwithheld from the Americannpublic.nSo we now have Fonda and her com-nmunist fellow traveler’ s mentality, whichn”Walter Scott” pushes as “principle andnintegrity.” Someday a true revolutionnmay erupt in America—a rebellionnagainst the despotic tyranny of thenAmerican tabloid mentality which arrogatesnto itself the right to say anythingnwith impunity, without being held accountablento any standard of truth orndecency. We hope there will be enoughntrees for every “Walter Scott” of thisnland. nnNice LadiesnDear Abby and Ann Landers arentwin sisters, nee Friedman, who havenbuilt a formidable business of mediamanufactured,nchintzy warm-heartednessnand compassion. They proclaimntender love for one another. However,nthis is what Friedman/Van Buren has tonsay about Friedman/Landers:nIn Eau Claire she had a little tinynplace while I lived in a lovely homenwith loads of help. Her husbandnworked for mine. I drove a luxuryncar; she drove a lower-priced modeln. . . If she looked old, if she needed anface lift, believe me, it’s because shenneeded it. I’m quite opposed tonchopping myself up, but it was hernright. Why not? When you cry a lot,nit’s got to show.nHow compassionate, considerate, subde,nwhat an inspiration for confidence innMs. Van Buren’s charity, humanness andnkindness. •nEruditionnFrom “Book World,” the highbrownsection of that fount of intellectual erudition,nthe Chicago Tribune, comes someninformation about a novel:nThis ambitious and lengthy novelnrecounts the history, through thentime of the Nazis and its aftermath,nof the fictional province of MasurianWell, we believe that the ChicagonTribune has the power to change thenworld, but we must point out that anynmap of Eastern Europe would prove thatnits editors are ignoramuses. Masuria exists—andnhas existed for over 1000 years,nin the same place and under the samenname. DnTin: AMTUK \ PKOSC r.MiMnDuck SoupnRemember the war in Fredonia? ThenFalkland Islands crisis has something inncommon with it. In the movie, the MarxnBrothers made war, but they were infinitelynsurprised that shooting is inseparablenfrom war, that heads may benblown away and corpses may pile up.nBoth the Argentines and British begannlaunching torpedoes at one another’snships and were then appalled that peoplennndied as a result of such an enterprise.nWe’re afraid that this new approach tonwarfare originated in the Israeli effort tonmake wars without casualties. Israel, atnleast, has good reasons for this kind ofnworry: her entire population is less abundantnthan an average army corps of anynone of her numerous enemies. ButnBritain—one of the world’s powers—nshould know something about the pricenof rescuing the disintegration ofnBritishness. We, too, should learnnsomething from the affair. Dn^ ^ • ^ ^ 5 1nJuly/August 198Sn