OtcOKnAbout us:n’,,.^fcS«»S8n,/5 in.’> ^.WT”* “7n”Is it possible to create a review of thought and artnthat is distinctive? Chronicles of Culture, a forty-page,nbimonthly review . . . thinks it has the recipe.”n—National Reviewn”Reviews, written primarily by professors of a strongnconservative persuasion, are refreshing in that theynusually go entirely against current popular opinion.nThe comments are well written, logical and free ofnpolemics. It is a solid intellectual approach whichndeserves attention.”nAbout our work:n—Library Journaln”I was thrilled to receive and read the piece on Ain’tnMisbehavin’ in Chronicles of Culture … Many criticsnhave picked up on this, but almost none have beennable to articulately express how it felt to receive thenshow. I am amazed and relieved, at last, to hear sonclearly that someone out there got the message.”n—Richard Maltby, Jr., Director ofnAin’t Misbehavin’, winner of an1978 Tony AwardnTwo Culturesnr,->-n”A review [in]… the Chronicles of Culture [is]… onenbestseller to read less.”n—The Yale Literary Magazinen”If you haven’t seen Chronicles, it’s worth a looknbecause it is such a refreshing change from the normalndiet of humanist cellulose.”n—The American SpectatornAbout our kindness toward those wencriticize:n”It was good of you to remember me in such a thoughtfulnway. I am pleased by your kindness and send younmy best wishes.”nFor Immediate ServicenCall: (815) 226-4016nnn—^Jimmy Cartern