ARTnColleen BrowningnThese paintings are from a recentnexhibition at Kennedy Galleries innNew York of Colleen Browning’s latestnwork. Born and raised in County Cork,nIreland, and educated in London,nBrowning and her husband, Britishnnovelist Geoffrey Wagner, divide theirntime between New York City andnGrenada, where the couple has longnlived. The first two paintings shownnhere are based on Milwaukee’s annualncircus parade; the second one is calledna “picture of a painting” becausenBrowning actually painted her photosnof the parade into the painting. Thenthird painting depicts a beach scene innGrenada. Browning has taught art atnPratt Institute, the City College ofnNew York, and the National Academynof Design. Her work has been thensubject of articles in numerous nationalnmagazines, and her book Working Outna Painting was published by Watson-nGuptill, New York.nU.S.A. Hooray!; oil on canvas, 39″ x 56″, 1988.n’icture of a Painting of the Great Circus Parade; oil on canvas, 42V2″ xn66V2″, 1988.nbummer; oil on canvas, H” x 541/4″, J 988.nnnOCTOBER 1989/59n