“SHOULD BE ON THE MUST-READ LISIS OFnTHOSE WHO SHUDDER AT…MANIPULATIONnBY SURREPTITIOUS SOVIET FAQIONS”n—Arnaud de Borchgrave, author, THE SPIKEn”Powell has performed a publicnservice b[; blowing the cover offnthe Institute for Policy Studies…nlikely to be one of the mostnimportant books to appear thisnyear.”n-NATIONAL REVIEWn”Provides chilling documentationnof the Institute’s connections withnthe KGB and its sponsoring ofnsuch front groups as the WorldnPeace Council…(and) seminarsnthat bring together Sovietnoperatives and membersnof America’s cultural andnpolitical elite.”n-CRISISn”The IPS will celebrate its 25thnanniversary this year…During thenCarter Administration its alumninand associates held influentialnpositions in the State Department,nNational Security Council andnthe CIA.”n-BARRON’Sn”Provides insights into interestngroups’ pathways to power.nCaptivating (and) provocative.”n-LIBRARY JOURNALn”The most valuable contributionnPowell has made is the insight henprovides into the extensivennetwork of IPS activities andnprograms…it has founded radionsyndicates, newswire services,njournals and periodicals,nfoundations, ‘peace institutes,’nanti-corporate associations,nsocialist leagues and internationalnorganizations…and to top it off,nJesse Jackson regularly availsnhimself of IPS advisors.”n— William DonahuenTHE HERITAGEnFOUNDATIONn”Powell has produced anmonumental work that will servenas an encyclopedia on thenimmense harm this organizationnhas already done”n-HUMAN EVENTSn”..should send a shiver down thenspine of middle America…anshocking expose (that) examinesnIPS’s radical roots, anti-Americannagenda and comradely relationsnwith Eastern Bloc operatives andnMarxist regimes”n-BOSTON HERALDn”COVERT CADRE contains a vastnstore of compelling evidence,nanalyzed with care and presentednin crystalline form. Its importantnimplications cannot be ignored bynanyone who cares about thencontinued independence of thenAmerican political process, or whonabhors being manipulated intonunknowing support of Sovietnstrategic objectives.”n-THE WASHINGTONnTIMESn”Takes a deep look at the innernworkings of the IPS, a left-wingnorganization here in Washington.nCOVERT CADRE is definitelynworth reading.”n-Bob Grant, ABC-RADIOn”An extraordinary work…pointsnout the enormous damage IPSnhas caused to the nationalnsecurity interests of the UnitednStates.”n-SECURITYnAND INTELLIGENCEnFOUNDATIONn”Powell makes us appreciate thenfact that no single group has donenso much to move our politicalnculture to the left. If…Congressncan correctly be identified as anbastion of the adversary culture, itnis thanks primarily to the efforts ofnIPS, which never forgot that itsnmajor target was the policymakingnestablishment.”n-THE AMERICANnSPECTATORnThis shocking new book — allnabout the clandestine IPS cadre’sn25-yeaT effort to disarm Americanand bring socialism to power —nis available on a money-backnguaranteed free trial basis. If youndo not think this is one of thenmost important books you’venever read, you may return yourncopy within 30 days for a promptnand full refund, no questionsnasked.nSPECIAL OFFER: this book isnavailable in bookstores for $29.95. Bynspecial arrangement withnwe are makingnit available postage paid for a limitedntime for only $19.95. Offer expiresnsoon so please call toll free or mailnorder form today.nGreen HiH Pubfishers, Inc. 800-426-1357nPO. Box 738, Ottawa, IL 61350 815-434-7905nIn IllinoisnEnclosed is my check for $nPlease charge my I I VISA I I MASTERCARDnNonSignaturenNamenAddress _nnnCity -Z)p_nAll books are shipped postage paid-nIllinois residents please add 6% sales tax.nm Allow four weeks for delivery. mn