VIEWSrn<^a/>/e J”rnr THErn^ EMERGING %rnCHRONICLES MAJORITYrn”iirniKif^rnAn Emerging Majority?rnby Harold O.]. BrownrnIt is reported that when British General Cornwallis surrenderedrnto George Washington at Yorktown, thus effectivelyrnending the War oflndependence, his regimental band played arntnne called “The World Turned Upside Down.” As we approachrnthe end of the second Christian millennium, one beginsrnto wonder if the band was not just a bit premature.rnDnring the months of March, April, and May, NA’l’O airplanesrnpounded the small sovereign nation of Yugoslavia for 78rndays. NATO officials claimed that it was our moral responsibilityrnto do so. As of this writing, Russian airplanes have beenrnpounding positions within Russia, in the supposedly autonomousrnRussian republic of Chechnya, which is in rebellionrnHarold O.]. Brown is religion editor for Chronicles, a profesHorrnof theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seiriinar’rnin Charlotte, North Carolina, and the editor of the Religion &rnSoeiet) Report.rnagainst Moscow, for a mere threerndays. Germanv’s Chancellor GerhardrnSchroder, who energeticallyrnsupported the bombing of Yugoslavia,rntold the Russian ambassadorrnthat Russia “must stop” itsrnbombing of its rebellious province.rn’I’he U.S. Senate passed a lawrnbanning partial-birth abortions,rnwhich President Clinton then vetoed.rnAn amendment to the bill statedrnthat Roe v. Wade, the SupremernCoiut’s ukase permitting abortion at will throughout pregnancy,rnshould not be overturned. The Boy Scouts of America arernbeing (sexually?) harassed because they will not permit homosexualsrnto be scoutmasters, and also because the Scout Oathrnmakes reference to God. Mail-order houses from all over thernlANUARY 2000/13rnrnrn