^f?J^nnnround thenworld, there isnmuch talk ofnpeace and thatnis good. Yet wenshould remember,nas PresidentnReagan said,n”Peace isn’t simplynan absence ofnwar, but a pres­nence of justice.”nTyranny, in all itsnforms, corruptsnjustice and stiflesnthe human spirit.nWe must nevernforget this truth.nOur immigrantsnwont. They knownthat Americanismnis more than lovenof country; it is;nlove of principles,nprinciples whichncan change thenworld. And will.nTeach FreedomnSupport thenNational WritersnNetwork,nTeach Freedom ProjectnP.O. Box 1552nEl Toro, CA 92630nmasTer CHemicaL corporarioonTHe cooLanr manacemenT companvnSOI wesT BOunoarYnPO BOX 220nperrvsBurG, OH 43331-0220nPHOne: 419-874-7902nFax: 419-874-0684nTeLeX: 310-600-1600n