Yours FREE —rnthe ”mother lode”rnof home-schoolingrnwisdom, by thernfounder herselfrnCharlotte Mason’s 6 classicrnvolumes, chosen as “Pick of thernCrop” by Iipflc/imgHo/n^ Magazine g ‘i^jf,rnGrateful parents cheer THE ORIGINALrnHOME-SCHOOLING SERIESrn”After 10 yeaR as a public xhool teacher and 5 yearernas a home schooler, I have finally found an author whornwrites what I know and want to do. I am so excited tornfind Charlotte Mason’s boolis back in print.”-LauriernJohnson, Sacramento, CArn” . . . solidified what I had personally experienced withrnchildren … teaching pre-schoolers and fourthrngraders . . . and with my own son and daughter.”rn-Cheryl Forque Melton, Uke Jackson, TXrnmrn^Mtrn% Long unavailable even in good libraries, this monumental setrngives you “how to” guidance in every aspect of home schooling.rnAnchored in the author’s Christian — and groundbreakingrn— educational philosophy, it will help you tornbecome a better teacher… help your children to leam better . ,^..rn— and love it . . . and help them to grow in the spiritual, •fctl^’-Mrnmoral and mental habits tiiat will bring out the best in them.rnIX(,rn^^nrnK. %!rnHuge 6-volume slipcasedrnset — over 2,400 pages! •rnDetailed Table of Contentsrnsummarizes everyrnchapter • Complete indexrnof each volume •rnUniform quality paperbacksrnHome-school experts hail Charlotte Mason’s “timeless treasure”rn”Marvelous insights and ideas…. fascinating things tornsay, all based on her personal experience of decadesrnof teaching.” —Mary Pride in The Big Book of HomernLearningrn”At last Charlotte Mason’s seminal books are back Inrnprint. These writings will give important priorities andrnguidelines to parents, teachers, and schools. Welcomernback, my dear, valued mentor!”—Susan SchaetterrnMacauley, author of For the Children’s Sal