Intellectual andnmoral elegancenare notnout of fashion…nDuring these times, Chronicles ofnCulture remains based on the proposintion that ideas, attitudes, morals andnmanners still matter—even in anworld that takes itself too seriouslynat one mom.ent and reduces everythingnto trivialities the next.nAt this juncture of history,nChronicles of Culture still insistsnthat civiUzations are built upon a specificnvision of order and virtue.nAnd that moral and socialnnorms have never ceased tonbe their firmest moorings.nEven today—in spite of all vcnwitness in print and on the screensn—Chronicles of Culture believesnthat literature, art, various othernmodes of cultural expression, and freeintellectualninquiry are, as they alwaj 5. ^havenbeen, the best guardians of humanenvalues. And that they must be defended,nwith substance and intensity, from thennnreigning low standards of criticalnevaluation. Chronicles ofnCulture is not comfortablenreading for those who deemnreason and rectitudenobsolete.nThe support of taste, civilitynand style is our metier. We arenstaunchly against fads, yet interestednin seminal fashions andntrends. Those who dye their hairnpurple will find Chronicles ofnCulture offensive, as will thosenwho consider common sense then^slavery of the mind.niscerning readers findnChronicles of Culture to bentheir choice. We believe younwill too.nTo subscribe to Chronicles of Culturencomplete and return the attached replyncard.n