incompetent—these are the most charitable interpretationsn—to avail themselves of reliable evidence on the presencenof Communists and security risks in sensitive positions ofnthe Federal government.nThe Moss and Rothschild cases are only two relativelynclear instances in which McCarthy exposed the presence ofnCommunists or subversives in government. His investigationnof security risks in the defense establishment in 1954nled to the removal of over 30 individuals from employmentnin defense plants after they were identified as Communistsnby witnesses before his subcommittee. When confrontednwith these accusations and provided opportunities to respond,nthese individuals had generally taken the FifthnAmendment—i.e., refused to state whether they had beennor were Communists and often whether they had committednespionage. Perhaps they all were high-minded civilnlibertarians, but perhaps also there is no reason for personsnwho refuse to deny they are Communists or spies to work inndefense plants.nThe case of Owen Lattimore, first accused by McCarthynand later found by the Senate Internal Security Subcommitteento have been “a conscious articulate instrument ofnthe Soviet conspiracy”—a judgment based on the testimonynof ex-Soviet diplomatic and intelligence officers and ofnformer Ambassador William Bullitt and analysis of Lattimore’snown publications, as well as on the statements ofnLouis Budenz and other evidence—is another complicatednbut reasonably conclusive instance of McCarthy’s discoverynof a Communist. In addition, there are a number of casesnfirst publicized by McCarthy in which the evidence is notnconclusive but highly suggestive—patterns of association,nmembership in Communist front organizations, politicalnactivities, and public statements—of Communist or pro-nCommunist sympathies or of inability to make responsiblenjudgments about Communism. The cliche that “McCarthynnever discovered a single Communist,” repeated ad nauseamnby the academic branch of the elite, is simply untrue.nNevertheless, it was not the minutiae of Congressionalninvestigations and the administration of Federal laws andnregulations that created McCarthy’s following, nor did theynsignificantly contribute to the hatred of him that the newnelite exhibited. Had McCarthy announced, in Wheeling,nWest Virginia, on February 9, 1950, the discovery ofnCommunists in labor unions rather than in the StatenDepartment, his speech would have attracted littie notice.nThe State Department and the individuals whom McCarthynproceeded to identify by name were at the heart of thenestablishment and its agenda, and when McCarthy madenbald assertions about their connections to Communism, henwas launching an attack upon the establishment that itncould not ignore and which it could reciprocate only withnhatred. Other criticisms of the elite from the right—of itsneconomic and foreign policies or of the constitutionality ofnits legal measures—did not challenge its fundamentaln”Its insights have guided my own thinking and I am proudnto count myself as one of your students.” -RONALD REAGANnECONOMICS IN ONE LESSONnThis book has been the springboardnfrom which millions have come tonunderstand the basic truths aboutneconomics—and the economicnfallacies responsible for inflation,nunemployment, high taxes, andnrecession. Henry Hazlitt is the deannof American free market economists,nand his clear, concise style illuminatesnideas that all generations shouldnknow and appreciate.nNow you can purchase this qualitynpaperback edition for only $6.95.n— – Add it to your reference shelf—you’llnlook through it often—or make it anspecial gift for a friend or a student.n”(Hazlitt) is one of the few economists in historynwho could really write. ” -H.L. MENCKENnONLY $6.95 FROM LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKSnOrder #HH0014n• ORDER TOLL-FREE ^n1-800-2382200 EXT 500nContinental U.S. • 24 hours a day • 7 days a weeknMONEY BACK GUARANTEE If for any reason you are dissatisfiednwith any book, just return it witliin 30 days for a refund.nD Please send me. . copies ofnHenry Hazlitt’s Economics in OnenLesson for only $6.95 each, plus $1.00nfor postage arid handling ($2.00 fornforeign orders).nDSend me your 32-page catalognof books on liberty.nD My check or money order is enclosed lorn$nD Please bill my D VISA • MasterCardnAcci. NonExpir. DatenSignaturenName_nCitynstate/ZipnOrder from: LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS,nDept. CAS,n532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012n(212)925-8992nnnT InInInSEPTEMBER 19861 19n