LEFT OR RIGHTrn”When you read a magazine likern[The New American], you reedlzernwhat a free country we have.rnThese are really crazy people.”rnBarney FrankrnMember of Congressrn4th District, Massachusettsrn”The New American gives you hardhitttngrninvestigative reporting from arnperspective you normally cannot findrnin mciny of our leading journals.”rnPhilip M. CranernMember of Congressrn12th District, IllinoisrnE^veryone has an opinion of The New American.rnOur perspective is not based upon some cosmetic claim to “objectivity,” but upon right and wrong. We are openrnabout our partisanship. But we’re partisans for principles and traditional values, not political parties or personalities.rnWe’re unabashedly for America, its continued Independence, and its inspired Constitution. And we’re quick to exposernthose who would scrap our Constitution, by design or by Ignorance, by frontal assault or by gradualism.rnThat’s why The New American is universally praised by constitutionalists and roundly condemned by collectivlsts.rnOur goal is to educate and to activate Americans in support of God, family, and country. And if In doing so, we sometimesrnInfuriate the Left, so be it. You’ll always know where we stand, and we hope you’ll stand with us.rnThe ^rnNOA/AMERICANrnGuaranteed to educate and activate … or infuriate.rn• 1 y e a r (26 i s s u e s ) – $ 3 9 • 2 y e a r s (52 i s s u e s ) – $ 6 8 • 3 y e a r s (78 i s s u e s ) – $ 8 9rnQ Bill Me Hawaii and Canada, add $9 per year • Foreign, add $27 per year • Airmail rates on requestrnNamernAddressrnCity/State/Zip.rnCredit Card # Expires.rnAuthorized Card SignaturernSend to:rnThe New AmericanrnP.O. Box 8040rnAppleton, WI 54913rn• VISA • MasterCardrn• Discover • American Exp.rnOr call 24 hours, 7 days a week: 1-800-341-1522rnrnrn