Modern Editions of Classic Works for Readers TodayrnTHE LOGIC O F LIBERTYrnBy Michael PolanyirnForeword by Stuart WarnerrnAchemist and member of a family renowned for its learningrnin several disciplines, Michael Polanyi experienced firsthandrnthe horrors of totalitarian government and worldwidernwar. Consequently there is a singular weight to Polanyi’s challengernto advocates of centrally planned scientific inquiry or therncentrally planned implementation of scientific discovery. Hernargued that organizations—or governments—based solelyrnon the methods of science threaten to foreclose a fullrnhuman knowledge of the mysteriesof existence and thereforernpose a direct threat not only to academic freedom but tornsocial and political liberty. The veiy triumphs of science in thernmodern era, Polanyi believed, at least affect and sometimesrnthreaten liberty: “Our discover}’ and acceptance of scientificrnknowledge is a commitment to certain beliefs which we hold, but which others may refuse to share.’rnThis fateful interrelationship between science and liberty in our time is given supreme and elegantrnreflection in The Logic of Liberty.rnMichael Polanyi (1891-1976) was an internationally renownedrnscientist, philosopher, and professor whose other works included Personal Knowledge andrnThe Taeit Dimension.rnStuart D. Warner is Professor of Philosophy at Roosevelt University, Chicago.rn256 -I- xxi pages. Foreword, preface, acknowledgments, bibliography, index.rnHardcover $16.00rnPaperback $ 9.00rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rn0-86597-182-Xrn0-86597-183-8rnCall 800-955-8335 T iUorHr Pi in’rl We payrnFax 317-579-6060 ki^ertyjiunarnor write:rnUPS shipping onrnprepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite #300, Dept. S12A, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Webrnat www.libertyfund.orgrnrnrn