Are we coming to…rnThe End of the American Century?rnThe European Community has already estabhshed monetary union,rnand talks are underway to set up a European Defense Force.rnMeanwhile, NATO is rattling sabers in the Balkans, and our Russian “allies”rnare increasingly impatient with the “one remaining superpower.”rnBack here in the States, we are rapidly drifting awav from ourrnEuropean-American heritage in the pursuit of diversit)’ and multiculturalism.rnMaking sense of these trends — and where America fits in — is no easy task,rnbut Chronicles subscribers have been reading articles on British andrnEuropean political trends for years. Now is your chance to join:rnChronicles’ editor, Dr. Thomas Fleming; Chronicles’ Washington editor,rnDr. Samuel Francis; Chronicles’ foreign affairs editor. Dr. Srdja Trifkovic;rnCol. Ronald Hatchett (ret.), arms negotiator during the Reagan administration;rnDr. Antony Flew, University of Reading; Derek Turner, editor oi Right NOW!;rnSir Alfred Sherman, journalist and former advisor to Margaret Thatcher;rnand Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Sunday Telegraph,rnwho will deliver the keynote addressrnforrnan exclusive conference at the elegant and historic Senate House of the University of London, Russell Square.rn16-19 April 1999rnParticipants will stay at the Waverley Flouse Hotel, just off Russell Square,rnwhere they will enjoy both a central location in Bloomsburyrn(a stone’s throw from the British Museum) and the atmospherernof an old-fashioned gentleman’s club.rnCome with us in April, as we “do” London in a leisurely manner without buses,rnlines of people, or tour leaders holding up umbrellas.rnOptional events include a Sunday evening dinner on Eastern European conflicts and a briefing onrnMonday with British political insiders. Call (815) 964-5811 for details and prices.rnD Full Registration (S695.00)-includes three nights lodging (double occupancy), full English breakfast,rnFriday evening buffet supper, Saturday lunch, and Saturday evening banquetrnD Full Registration, Single Occupancy ($795.00-$750.00 if received by 31 March)rnName(s)rnAddress.rnCity, State, Zip .rnPhonernSend registration form with payment to:rnThe Rockford InstituternAttn: Christopher Check, Executive Vice Presidentrn928 North Main StreetrnRockford, Illinois 61103rnrnrn