Modern Editions of Classic Works for Readers TodayrnCONSTITUTIONALISM AND THErnSEPARATION OF POWERSrnSecond EditionrnBy M. J. C. VilernArguably no political principle lias been more centralrnthan the separation of powers to the evolutionrnof constitutional governance in Western democracies.rnIn the definitive work on the subject, M. J. C. Vilerntraces the history of the doctrine from its rise duringrnthe English Civil War, through its development in therneigliteenth century—when it was indispensable to thernfounders of the American republic—through subsequentrnpolitical thought and constitution-malcing in Britain,rnFrance, and the United States. The author concludes withrnan examination of criticisms of the doctrine by both behavioralistsrnand centralizers—and with “A Model of a Tlieory ofrnConstitutionalism.” The new Liberty Fund second editionrnincludes the entirety of the original 1967 text publishedrnby Oxford, a major epilogue entitled “ThernSeparation of Powers and the Administrative State,” and arnbibliography.rnM. J. C. Vile is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent at Canterbury and author also ofrnThe Structure of American Federalism.rn455 + xii pages. Preface to the second edition, epilogue, bibliography, index.rnHardcover $22.00rnPaperback $14.00rn(Indiana residents add 5% sales tax)rn086597-174-9rn086597-175-7rnCall 800-955-8335rnFax 317-579-6060rnor write:rnLiberty Furicl We pavrnUPS shipping onrnprepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite #300, Dept. S12IVI, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Webrnat www.libertyfund.orgrnrnrn