Are we coming to…rnThe End of the American Century?rnThe European Community has aheady established monetary union,rnand talks are underway to set up a European Defense Force.rnMeanwhile, NATO is rattling sabres in the Balkans, and our Russian “allies”rnare increasingly impatient with the “one remaining superpower.”rnBack here in the States, we are rapidly drifting away from ourrnEuropean-American heritage in the pursuit of diversit}’ and multiculturalism.rnMaking sense of these trends-and where America fits in-is no easy task,rnbut Chronicles subscribers have been reading articles on British andrnEuropean political trends for years. Now is your chance to join:rnChronicles editor. Dr. Thomas Fleming; Chronicles Washington editor.rnDr. Samuel Francis; Chronicles foreign affairs editor. Dr. Srdja Trifkovicrnalong withrnJames George Jatras, senior policy analyst at the United States Senate,rnSir Alfred Sherman, journalist and former advisor to Margaret Thatcherrnandrnan assortment of Britain’s leading conservatives, “eurosceptics,” and journalistsrnforrnan exclusive conference at the elegant and historic Senate House of the University of London, Russell Scjuare.rn16-19 April 1999rnParticipants will stay at the Waverley House Hotel, just off Russell Square,rnwhere they will enjoy both a central location in Bloomsbiuyrn(a stone’s throw from the British Museum) and the atmospherernof an old-fashioned gentleman’s club.rnIn addition to the conference itself, we are planning sightseeing trips,rnan optional evening on Eastern European conflicts, and a specialrnbriefing session with British political insiders.rnCome with us in April, as we “do” London in a leisurely manner v’ithout buses,rnlines of people, or toiu leaders holding up umbrellas.rnSurprisingh .AffordablernFor details and pricing, please call (815) 964 5811rnrnrn