[I]t is because the Serbians have been warlike that we have found it possible to be peaceful.rnIf they are fierce it is because no courage short of sheer fanaticism could have kept the frontiers ofrnChristendom against such locust-clouds of foes, while we were electing our first parliaments and building ourrnfirst cathedrals. While all that we call the world was being made they were the wall of the world . . .rn—G.K. ChestertonrnThe Rockford Institute presentsrnAn International Conviviumrn]oinrnThomas Fleming, Srdja Trifkovic,rnFr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem., and Thomas MolnarrnforrnA Balkan AdventurernSeptember 17-28, 2001rnLondon and Paris may be old hat for the American traveler, but the Balkans, situated on the wild frontier betweenrnChristendom and Islam, remains a place of mystery and adventure: rugged mountains, an exquisite Adriatic coast,rnmedieval monasteries that even the Turks could not destroy, and an equally enduring and ancient people whosernrich cultural traditions are more than a match for the landscape.rnVisit Belgrade to see firsthand the effects of communism and “benevolent global hegemony” on this great cityrnat the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers and meet with the top writers and political figuresrnworking to restore their nation’s sovereignty.rnRide a luxury coach through the mountains, stopping at historic monasteries like Mileseva (site of the famous “WhiternAngel” fresco). Raft down the spectacular Tara River Gorge (second only to the Grand Ganyon in its breathtaking depth)rnand visit Getinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro, where we will be welcomed by the metropolitan archbishop.rnVisit the historic Adriatic town of Budva and learn the history and culture of a region that has known Greek, Roman,rnVenetian, Turkish, Austrian, and Serbian masters. Sail up to magnificent Kotor Bay (the only fjord in the Mediterranean)rnand visit ancient Orthodox and Gatholic churches. Mix with the locals —peasants, poets, priests, and monks. Hear thernepic poems recited by the guslars, swim in the Adriatic, eat fresh grilled fish and mountain lamb roasted on the spit,rnraise a glass (or two or three) oislivovic, drink deeply of the excellent Montenegrin red wines, and experiencerna vibrant culture that hasn’t yet been reduced to “heritage.”rnThe price for the convivium includes 11 nights’ lodging (including a week in Budva’s top internationally ratedrnhotel), three sumptuous meals a day, transportation by luxury coach from Belgrade to Montenegro,rnall lectures and excursions, and transportation back to Belgrade.rnRegistration is limited. Please register early so we can assist you in obtaining the necessary visa.rnFor air travel arrangements to Belgrade, we recommend Srdjan at Axioma travel: (800) 929-4662.rnMention The Rockford Institute.rnFor more details, call Christopher Check, Executive Vice President, at (815) 964-5811.rnRates:rnNamefs)rnAddressrnPhone, Fax, Ern• Sirn-mailrnngle: $2,495.00 • Couple: S3,995.00rnCitv. State, ZiprnSend registration form with payment to:rnThe Rockford Institute, 928 North Main Street, Rockford, IlHnois 61103rnrnrn