A Classic Work on America’s Foundingrn•sSiSS*:-^rn.W,rn4 ^rn^ J t .rn• I.-: ‘ 1 .rn• • 1, ^ I •; ::;i^rn^ ^ 7 1rnTHE LAMP or EXPERIENCErnWHIG HISTORY AND THE INTELLECTUALrnORIGINS OF THE AMERICANrnREVOLUTIONrnBy Trevor Col bournrn”. . . a joy to read.”rn—Lucius F. EllsworthrnIn a landmark work, a leading scholar of therneighteenth century examines the ways in whichrnan understanding of the nature of historyrninfluenced the thinking of the founding fathers.rnAs Jack P. Greene has observed, “[The Whig]rnconception saw the past as a continual strugglernbetween liberty and virtue on one hand and arbitrary power andrncorruption on the other.” Many founders found in this intellectualrntradition what Josiah Quincy, Jr., called the “true old English liberty,”rnand it was this Whig tradition—this conception of liberty—that thernchampions of American independence and the crafters of the newrnrepublic sought to perpetuate. Colbourn supports his thesis—thatrn”[[Independence was in large measure the product of the historicalrnconcepts of the men who made it”—by documenting what books werernread most widely by the founding generation. He also cites diaries,rnpersonal correspondence, newspapers, and legislative records.rnTrevor Colbourn is President Emeritus of the University of CentralrnFlorida.rn310 + xxiii pages. Prefaces, appendices, index.rnHardcover $12.00 0-86597-158-7rnPaperback $ 5.00 0-86597-159-5rnCall 800-955-8335 T J h P l l v Fllrifl We payrnrax 317-579-6060 ^ ^ ” ^ ‘ ^ ^ * ” ” ” UPS shipping onrnor write: ^ i K H i l ^ ^ B prepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 300, Dept. CHR8, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Webrnat www.Libertyfund.orgrnrnrn