A Classic Work on America’s FoundingrnFRIENDS OF THE CONSTITUTIONrnWRITINGS OF THE “OTHER” FEDERALISTS, 1 7 8 7 – 1 7 8 8rnEdited by Colleen A. Sheehan and Gary L. McDowellrnThough The Federalist Papers are rightly renowned irs arnprimary exposition of the principles and purposes of llicrnproposed United States Constitution, there wen- man> writersrnother than John Jay, James Madison, and Alex.indor Hamiltonrnwho in 1787 and 1788 argued for the Constitution’srnratification. Indeed, as Herbert J. Storing, Jr. OIK C. t)bsrrvrd,rn”[t]hese ‘other’ Federalist writings carried the rn.iin hurdiMi o(rnthe public defense of the proposed Constitutioti…fand] severalrnof them were vastly more influential than The ‘••.i / • . ; . ” Inrna collection that is certain to make a major conlrihulion tornour understanding of the American Founding, -^Jii. • – • -i-rnConstitution brings together forty-nine of the inosl importantrnof these “other” Federalists’ writings. Included .ire thernonginal texts of pamphlets, speeches, and olhiirnproratification writings of George Washington, IJc-nj.imin Kush,rnnicholas Collin, John Dickinson, James Wilson TIMK h Ct)i’.rnISenjamin Franklin, Fioah Webster, Roger Sherman, FisherrnAmes, Peletiah Webster, Samuel Tcnny, Stephen Hopkins,rnOliver Ellsworth, and David Ramsay. Sepcralcly they address thernunderlying themes of the historic Fcderalisl/Anti-Federalist debate: “The Mecessity ofrnUnion,” “Energetic but Limited Government,” and “Popular Government and CivicrnVirtue.” The text includes Storing’s important assessment of these writings, and thernvolume includes citations to Storing’s monumental seven-volume Complete Anti-rnFederalis t.rnColleen A. Sheehan is professor of Political Science at Villanova University.rnGary L. McDowell is director of the Institute of United States Studies, University ofrnLondon.rn523 + 1 pages. Preface, editor’s note, introductions to each of the three sections,rnindex.rnHardcover $25.00 0-86597-154-4rnPaperback $15.00 0-86597-155-2rn”Conceived in Liberty”rnFor a nation “conceived in liberty,” the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsiblernindividuals is a never-ending obligation. To encourage this deliberation. Liberty Fund—arnprivate educational foundation established in 1960—makes available a wide range ofrnoutstanding books. In keeping with the Fund’s mission, books are both beautifully producedrnand priced to ensure their availability to all serious readers. We invite you to request a freerncopy of our catalogue.rnCall 800-955-8335 LibeitV Futja “^^^^^^rnF^ 317-579-6060 tssem^^^^ ^^^ shipping onrnor write: prepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 300, Dept. CHR8, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnExplore Liberty Fund’s catalogue on the World Wide Web at www.Libertyfund.orgrnrnrn