THE IMMIGRATION MYSTIQUErnAmerica’s False ConsciencernBy Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnPraise from reviewers…rn”A brilliant new book on thernhistorical and cultural meaning ofrnimmigration…”rnSamuel FrancisrnNational syndicated columnistrn”The Immigration Mystique shouldrnbe on the bookshelf of everyrnperson concerned about currentrnimmigration policy.rnWilliam Watkins, Jr.rnr/7e Social Criticrn”This is perhaps the mostrnambitious of recent immigrationrnbooks…rnPeter BrimeiowrnNational ReviewrnNOW INrnPAPERBACK!rnWith a new afterword by the authorrnThis highly acclaimed book byrnChronicles’ Senior Editor, Books,rnChilton Williamson, is now availablernin paperback exclusively from thernAmerican Immigration ControlrnFoundation.rnWhat Williamson writes about.. .is the fight for America.”rnWayne LuttonrnIVIiddle American Newsrnny«s I want to order Chilton Williamson’srnbook, Tlie Immigration Mystique in paperback.rnD Enclosed is a check or money order in the amountrnof $10.00 (postage paid) for each book. Pleasernallow 3 weeks for delivery.rnNamernAddressrnCity/State/Zip_rnClip and mail to: AICFrnRO. Box 525rnMonterey, VA 24465rnSorry, no credit cards accepted.rnIrnrnrn