MrnGREAT TOPICS—GREAT ISSUESrn^’^’oniikrnlO SnrS^’ c ^rn..ww”^””‘;’,””^^rnNATIONAL SUICIDE—July 1997—Thomas Flemingrnon letiming a lesson from the Czechs, Curtis Cate on thernFrench debate over immigration, R.J. Stove on PaulinernHanson’s influence in Australia, Justin Rainiondo on thernfuture of the Pacific Northwest, William Murchison onrnwhy Mexico lost Texas, and Gregory McNamee on thernstate of Native Americans.rnUNIFEST DISASTER—June 1997—Thomas Remrning on the new imperiahsm, Samuel Francis on globalismrnand its consequences, Joseph Sobran on the case for anti-rnAmericanism, Srdja Trifkovic on America’s role in thernBalkans, and James George Jatras on benevolent globalrnhegemony. Plus Rajko Dolecek’s Letter from Pale andrnJustin Raimondo on David Horowitz and the ex-communistrnconfessional-rnUTOPIAS UNLIMITED—May 1997—Thomas Flemingrnon the world of W.S. Gilbert, Thomas Bertonneau onrnthe death of science fiction, Jesse Walker on the cult ofrnPhilip K. Dick, and Scott P. Richert on the X-Files- PlusrnSamuel Francis reviews the latest biography of H.P.rnLovecraft, and August Derleth’s last editor recalls thernfounding of Arkham House.rnSQUEEZE PLAY: THE CONSERVATIVE MIDDLErn—April 1997—Samuel Francis on the GOP flop,rnMark Royden Winchell on paleoconservatism, GeorgernWatson on the strange friendship between conservativesrnand the free market, Martin Mawyer on the future of thernChristian right, and Paul Gottfried on Martin Luther Kingrnas conservative hero.rnNEW WORLD CULTURE: MMM, MMM,rnGOOD?—March 1997—Bill Kauffman on life onrnPlanet Hollywood. David Hacked Fischer on multiculturalism’srnassault on scholarship, Jesse Walker on RayrnDavies and the Kinks as proud localists, and Michael Hillrnon the New Reconstruction of the South. Plus former ambassadorrnFrank Ruddy on ^’Au Revoir. Boutros.”rnTHE SERVILE STATE CRACKS DOWN—Februaryrn1997—Thomas Fleming on why everybody gonnarnpay tax today, Samuel Francis on the new federal policernstate, Sarah J. McCarthy on black helicopters and whyrnUncle Sam is not trusted, and U.S. Congressman DonrnManzullo on judicial taxation without representation. PlusrnFranklin Sanders” saga as the “most dangerous man in thernmid-South.”rnHATE: OPEN SEASON ON HUNS, POLACKS,rnREDNECKS, WOPS, RUSSKIES, HUNKIES—rnJanuary 1997—Paul Gottfried on Polonophobia,rnRalph Raico on Nazifying the Germans, Michael Hillrnon the tar and feathering of the South, and Wayne Aliensworthrnon the Russian Demon. Plus Margie Bumsrnon “Southern White Trash” as a genre of film, and EvetisrnHaley. Jr., remembers his father—cowboy and patriot.rnSACRAMENTS, ANTI-SACRAMENTS —rnDecember 1996—Thomas Fleming on Uncle Sam asrnthe Anti-Christ, Father Ian Boyd on the sacramentsrnas perceived by G.K. Chesterton and Muriel Spark,rnHarold O.J. Brown on the sacraments ofrndeath, E. Christian Kopff on the catechisms of publicrneducation, and Philip Jenkins on teaching religionrnvs. religious teaching.rnDON’T VOTE, IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM—rnNovember 1996—Robert Weissberg on elections as arnmeans of state control, James J. Condit, Jr.. on voternfraud, Clyde Wilson on the two-party stranglehold,rnGreg Kaza on “none of the above,” and Jeremy Blackrnon the differences between British and American elections.rnPlus Senator Eugene McCarthy on immigration.rnSEX, SIN, AND SCIENCE—October 1996—PhiliprnJenkins on the “one in ten” myth about homosexuals,rnJanet Scott Barlow on the pseudoscience of therapy,rnThomas Szasz on the bogus justifications for neonatalrncircumcision, and Tomislav Sunic on drugs and democracy.rnPlus Srdja Trifkovic’s review of David Owen’srnBalkan Odyssey and a report on the “holocaust” ofrnblack churches.rnBATTLES OF THE BOOKS: MULTICULTURALISMrnAND EDUCATION—September 1996—rnThomas Fleming on the latest assault on the classics,rnZbigniew Herbert on the significance of T.S. Eliot,rnGeorge Garrett on the legacy of Shakespeare, and HaroldrnO.J. Brown on the Bible past and present. Plus essaysrnon abolishing compulsory school attendance laws andrnon the dirty facts about college admissions.rnINHUMAN RIGHTS—August 1996—WilliamrnR. Hawkins on the World Trade Organization. SrdjarnTrifkovic on The Hague Tribunal, Marshall DeRosa onrnthe war on national sovereignty, and Bill W^eber on suicidernand states’ rights. Plus Thomas Fleming’s review ofrnGeorge Garrett’s The King of Babylon Shall Not ComernAgainst You and Nicholas Stix’s crime stories from NewrnYork City.rn^-‘^’^!)i(krn•””’•mars % *•- -‘/rn^^^^onla^irn’ ( ” ” ” • • ” • ” nrn«M )i( ‘If,.rn’^wTfernBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrnto 4 issues $7.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $5.00 each; 10 or more issues $4.50 each (postage and handling included)rnDate Qty. Cost Date Qtv CostrnJuK’ 1997rnJune 1997rnMav 1997rnApril 1997rnMarch 1997rnFcbruarN 1997rnlairuary 1997rnDcccirrbcr 1996rnNoveirrberl996rnOctober 1996rnSeptember 1996rnAugust 1996rnName Total Oh. Total $rnAddressrnM.ii, w iTi 1 CHECK lo: CiiRONicLhs » P.O. Box 800 • M.-. 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