19 9 6 i n R e v i e wrn^QnZ,rnVSArn^”Vagandarnand Uprn/^Aw/W,â„¢rn’/r/f^rn[cw^’^rn’)/r/rrny-rnTHEORY AGAINST LIFE—lanuary 199r>-GeorgernWatson on literary thcor in England, Jeremy Black onrnthe Whig approach to history, E. Christian Kopft onrndeeonstruetioni.sni, and Irving Ltjuis Horowitz onrnThomas Sza’.z and the theory of mental ilhiess-rnPlus Samuel Francis’s reiev of Michael Lind’s ‘IhernNext Amencdn Nation.rnPRAVDA USA: PROPAGANDA ANDrnTHE INDEPENDENT PRESS—lebrnaryrn1996—Philip Jenkins on the growth of mediarnempires, Janet Scott Barloy on the rhetoric ofrnHillary Clinton, Robert W’eissbergon publicrnopinion polls, and Alex N, Dragnich on propagandarnand the Balkans War. Plus an expose onrnthe Million Man March and a defense of floggingrnas a form of punishment.rnAMERICAN POPITJSM: 1896-1996—Marchrn1996—Samuel Francis on the Middle Americanrnpopulism of [*at Buchanan, Jack J. Tawil on campaignrnfinance reform, Jesse Walker on what blackrnnationalists and the militia mo’cmcnt have in common,rnand Wayne Allensworth on Russia’s neo-Na/irnopposition. Plus J.O, ‘late on the new editionsrnof Raymond Chandler and William Mills’srn”Letter h’rom Caucasia.”rnATHENS AND JERlfSALEM—Aprilrn1996—Curtis Cate on the Niet/seheans ofrnNauniburg, Sir Hugh Llcnd-Jones on ancientrnGreek religion, Alain de Benoist on monotheismrn s . polytheism, and Thomas Mohiar on therntwilight of the sacred. Plus Jacob Neusner onrnstate-sponsored prayer and Wayne Allensworthrnim the re’ival of Russian paganism.rnAUNTIE SAM: NANNY TO THE WORLD—rnMa’ 199C^Villiam R. Hawkins on social engineeringrnin the Balkans, Doug Bandow on IfnclernSam as international nanny, R. Cort Kirkwood (^n foreignrnaid that ain’t so foreign, and Congressman JamesrnTraficant on Michael New, foreign agents, and fairrntrade. Plus Thomas Idcming’s intcr’iewrnwith General Alexandr 1 -ebecl.rnMAN IN NAFURE-June 199C^-StcphcnrnR.L. Clark on conservation and animal welfare,rnAlston Chase on ecossteni prescration,rnJames Catrc^n on Catron County vs. the feds,rnand John C. Vinson, jr., on coiiseraties andrnen’ironmentalists. Plus a Western shoot-outrnover environmentalism between Kd Marston ofrnHigh Counlry Neivs and Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnVIRTUAL DEMOCRACY—JuK 1996—Thomas Flemingrnon the lrann- of minorities. Bill Kaufhnan’s inter-iew withrnEugene McCarthy, Paul Gottfried on regionalism xs.rnnationalism, and Da’id Mastio on why Americansrnshouldn’t vote. Plus Marc Morano’s expose on sex,rndrugs, and a Republican Partv.rnINHUMAN RIGHTS—August 1996—WilliamrnR. Hawkins on the World ‘Irade Organization,rnSrdja Trifkovic on the Hague Tribunal, MarshallrnDcRosa on the war on national soeicignt’, andrnRill Weber on suicide and states’ rights, PiusrnThomas Klcmiiig’s review t)f George Garrett’srnThe i.ino of Babylon Shall Not Come AgainstrnYou and Nicholas Stix’s crime stories fromrnNcyy York Cit-,rnBAT I L L S O F THE BOOKS: MUUnCULrURALISMrnAND EDUCATION—Septemberrn1996—Thomas Fleming on the latest assault on thernclassics. Zbigniew I lerbert on the significance of T.SrnEliot, George Garrett on the legaev of Shakespeare,rnGeorge Watson on the multieulturalist case, and 1 larc^ldrnO.J. Brown on the Bible past and present. Plus essas onrnabolishing compulsor attendance laws and on the dirt’rnfacts ab(iut college admissions.rnC1P*I1rni^S**”rnfCi ^’^’mi^rnJ^^f;:^^'”^rnSEX, SIN, AND SCIENCE—October 1 9 9 ^ ^rnPhilip Jenkins on the “one in ten” myth aboutrnhomosexuals, Janet Scott Barlow on the pseudoscieneernof thcrap’, Thomas Szasz on the bogusrnjustifications for neonatal circumcision, andrn’lomislav Sunic on drugs and democrac}’. PlusrnSrdja Trifkovic’s reiew of David Owen’s BalkanrnOdyssey and a report on the “holocaust” of blackrnchurches.rnDON r VO I F , n ONI Y ENCOURAGESrnTHEM—November 199(>-l