Chronicles: A Magazine of American CulturernandrnThe Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studiesrninvite you to an international conferencernAMERICA’S INTERVENTION IN THE BALKANSrnThe Moraine Hotel, Highwood (on Chicago’s elegant North Shore)rnFriday, February 28 • Sunday, March 2,1997rn• Has Dayton brought real peace? Or is Washington still pursuing an explicitly pro-Muslim agenda, whilernalienating America’s traditional European allies along the way?rn• Washington’s bias in Balkan affairs goes beyond any one policy initiative, and American globalism is nowrnbeing made to serve the ambitions of Germany and Turkey.rn• Even as Bill Clinton gives the Muslim government a clean bill of health, top security experts are describingrnBosnia as an franian Satelhte. But worse than what we are doing in the Balkans are the implications for us here inrnAmerica, where interventionism abroad is used as a pretext for a domestic crackdown.rnThis international conference will be a forum for distinguished critics of globalismrnfrom across the political spectrum:rnDr. Thomas Fleming, ChronkksrnDr. Samuel Francis, nationally syndicated columnistrnMr. James Jatras, Senate RepubUcan policy committeernProfessor Yelena Gusskova, Moscow State University and Russian Academy of SciencernProfessor Ronald Hatchett, University of St. Thomas and The Lord Byron FoundationrnSir Alfred Sherman, Chairman, The Lord Byron FoundationrnMr. Joe Sobran, publisher of Sobran ‘s NewsletterrnDr. Michael Stenton, Cambridge University and The Lord Byron FoundationrnProfessor Raju Thomas, MilwaukeernDr. Srdja Trifkovic, The Lord Byron Foundationrn*rnRegistration for the conference is available until February 15th at the special rate of $ 149, including dinner onrnFriday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Tickets for the banquet on Saturday night are $29. Rooms at ThernMoraine are available to conference participants at the very special rate of $49 per night.rnTo register, send a check for the total, made payable to The Balkan Conference,rnto The Lord Byron Foundation,rn9337B Katy Hwy #254, Houston, TX 77024.rnTo book your room, contact The Moraine: phone (847) 433-5566; fax (847) 433-6378rnIf you have any questions, call The Lord Byron Foundation at (713) 932-0868rn(e-mail [email protected]) or Chronicles at (815) 964-5054.rn^ ^rn•HU.rnrnrn