19 9 6 in R e V irnj^ fp?rnTHEORY AGAINST LIFE—January 1996—GeorgernWatson on literary theory in England, Jeremy Black onrnthe Whig approach to history, E. Christian Kopff onrndeconstructionism, and Irving Louis 1 lorowitz onrnThomas Szasz and the theory of mental illness.rnPlus Samuel Francis’s review of Michael Lind’s ThernNext American Nation.rn^•^’Pr^i^rnPRtlTl,rn•’ •’Irn””•CUMi,,’,rn”ii/.’i,,rn•^’lift’.,;,,.rnOTTK^rn—^••’*£*^£5£rnTiVOX% es’rn”V**rnW OTWTrnPRAVDA USA: PROPAGANDA ANDrnTHE INDEPENDENT PRESS—Februaryrn1996—Philip Jenkins on the growth of mediarnempires, Janet Scott Barlow on the rhetorie ofrnHillary Clinton, Robert Weissberg on publiernopinion polls, and Alex N. Dragnich on propagandarnand the Balkans War. Plus an expose onrnthe Million Man March and a defense of floggingrnas a form of punishment.rnAMERICAN POPULISM: 1896-1996—Marchrn1996—Samuel Francis on the Middle Amcrieanrnpopulism of Pat Buchanan, Jack J. Tawil on campaignrnfinance reform, Jesse Walker on what blackrnationalists and the militia movement have in common,rnand Wayne Allensworth on Russia’s neo-Nazirnopposition. Plus J.O. Tate on the new editionsrnof Raymond Chandler and William Mills’srn”Letter From Caucasia.”rnATHENS AND JERUSALEM—Aprilrn1996—Curtis Cate on the Nietzscheans ofrnNaumburg, Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones on ancientrnGreek religion, Alain de Benoist on monotheismrnvs. polytheism, and Thomas Molnar on therntwilight of the sacred. Plus Jacob Neusner onrnstate-sponsored prayer and Wayne Allensworthrnon the revival of Russian paganism.rnAUNTIE SAM: NANNY TO THE WORLD—rnMay 1996—William R. Hawkins on social engineeringrnin the Balkans, Doug Bandow on UnclernSam as international nanny, R. Cort Kirkwood on foreignrnaid that ain’t so foreign, and Congressman JamesrnTrafieant on Michael New, foreign agents, and fairrntrade. Plus Thomas Fleming’s interviewrnwith General Alexandr Lcbed.rnVIRTUAL DEMOCRACY—July 199^-Thomas Flemi .rnon the tyranny of minorities, Bill Kauffman’s interview wi IrnEugene McCarthy, Paul Gottfried on regionalism vsrnnationalism, and David Mastio on why Americansrnshouldn’t vote. Plus Marc Morano’s expose on sex,rndrugs, and a Republican Party.rnINHUMAN RIGHTS—August 1996—WilliamrnR. Hawkins on the World Trade Organization,rnSrdja Trifkovie on the Hague Tribunal, MarshallrnDeRosa on the war on national sovereignty, andrnBill Weber on suicide and states’ rights. PlusrnThomas Fleming’s review of George Garrett’srnThe King of Babylon Shall Not Come AgaimtrnYou and Nicholas Stix’s crime stories fromrnNew York City.rnBATTLES OF THE BOOKS: MULTICULTURALISMrnAND EDUCATION—Septemberrn1996—^Thomas Fleming on the latest assault on thernclassics, Zbigniew I lerbert on the significance of T.S.rnEliot, George Garrett on the legacy of Shakespeare,rnGeorge Watson on the multieulturalist case, and HaroldrnO.J. Brown on the Bible past and present. Plus essays onrnabolishing compulsory school attendance laws and on therndirty facts about college admissions.rnSEX, SIN, AND SCIENCF^October 1996—rnPhilip Jenkins on the “one in ten” myth aboutrnhomosexuals, Janet Scott Badow on the pseudosciencernof therapy, Thomas Szasz on the bogusrnjustifications for neonatal eireumeision, andrnTomislav Sunie on drugs and democracy. PlusrnSrdja Trifkovic’s review of David Owen’s BalkanrnOdyssey and a report on the “holocaust” of blackrnchurches,rnDONT VOTE, IT ONLY ENCOURAGESrnTHEM—November 1996—Robert Weissberg onrnelections as a means of state control, James J. Condit, Jr.,rnon vote fraud, Clyde Wilson on the two-party stranglehold,rnGreg Kaza on “none of the above,” and JeremyrnBlack on the differences between British and Americanrnelections. Plus Senator Eugene McCarthyrnon immigration.rnE^w^rnpTpn/crnI ^””^orirnMAN IN NATURE—June 1996—StephenrnR.L. Clark on conservation and animal welfare,rnAlstorr Chase on ecosystem preservation,rnJames Catron on Catron County vs. the feds,rnand John C. Vinson, Jr., on conservatives andrnenvironmentalists. Plus a Westerrr shoot-outrnover cnvironmentalism between Ed Marston ofrnfiigh Country News and Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnSACRAMENTS, ANTI-SACRAMENTS—rnDecenrber 1996—^Thomas Fleming on UnclernSam as the Anti-Christ, Father Ian Boyd on thernsacraments as perceived by G.K. Chesterton andrnMuriel Spark, Harold O.J. Brown on the sacramentsrnof death, F. Christian Kopff on the catechisms ofrnpublic education, and Philip Jenkms on teachingrnreligion vs. religious teaching.rnDaternBACK I S S U E O R D E R F O R Mrnto 4 issues $6.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $3.50 each; 10 or more issues $2,50 each (postage and handling included)rnQty. Cost Date Qty.rnCostrnJanuary 1996rnFebruary 1996rnMarch 1996rnApril 1996rnMay 1996rnJune 1996rnJuly 1996rnAugust 1996rnSeptember 1996rnOctober 1996rnNovember 1996rnDecember 1996rnName Total Qty. Total $-rnAddressrnMJIL WITH CHECK TO: CHRONICLES * P.O. Box 800 * MT. MORRIS, II, 61054. * OR TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, CALL: 1-800-397-8160rnrnrn