transactionrnNew and Recent Books on Family and PolicyrnTHE SWEDISH EXPERIMENTrnIN FAMILY POLITICSrnTHE MYRDALS AND THE INTERWARrnPOPULATION CRISISrnAllan CarlsonrnThis devastating account of the work ofrnGunnar and Alva Myrdal portrays how twornyoung scholars used the power of ideas tornhelp engineer a new domestic order in Sweden.rnIt offers the general reader remarkablerninsight into the nature of Scandinavian socialrnlife, and the specialist a critical perspectivernon how social science can itself becomernthe problem, rather than providing solutionsrnin contemporary post-industrial life.rnISBN: 0-88738-299-1 (cloth) 314 pp. $39.95rnTHE POLITICS OF HUMANrnNATURErnThomas FlemingrnThis effort to understand human nature in arnpolitical context takes up sex and genderrndifferences, democracy and dictatorship, individualrnand familial patterns of association.rn”Probing and thoughtful.”rn—Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Chroniclesrn”Learned, thoughtful, and superbly written.”rn—Robert Nisbet, The National Reviewrn”Progressives and radicals could benefit fromrngrappling with Fleming’s intellectually stimulatingrnpresentation.”rn—The Progressivern”A wide-ranging and freewheeling review ofrnsundry madnesses affecting modern politicalrnthought.”rn—The WorldrnISBN: 0-88738-189-8 (cloth) 276 pp. $32.95rnISBN: 1-56000-693-1 (paper) 276 pp. $19.95rnFAMILY QUESTIONSrnREFLECTIONS ON THE AMERICANrnSOCIAL CRISISrnAllan CarlsonrnWhat accounts for the crisis in Americanrnfamily life? This creative search for answersrnborrows from conservative, feminist, andrnsocialist traditions, offering a number of provocativernexplanations.rn”One of the most profoundly sensible voicesrnon the American landscape . . . . All of hisrnpositions are carefully laid out and supportedrnby meticulous research and precisernreasoning.”rn—William Tucker, The American Spectatorrn”Genuinely profound.”rn—E. Calvin Beiser, The Worldrn”Of interest to historians, social scientists/rnplanners and students at the upper-divisionrnundergraduate level and above.”rn—D.A. Chekki, ChoicernISBN: 0-88738-206-1 (cloth) 335 pp. $39.95rnISBN: 1-56000-555-6 (paper) 335 pp. $21.95rnOrder from your bookstore or direct from thernpublisher. Major credit cards accepted. Callrn(908) 445-2280.rnC^m transaction publishersrn^ 1 Department 95A FPrn- J Rutgers—The StaterntransaSS! University of New JerseyrnNew Brunswick, N.J. 08903rnrnrn