Modern Editions of Classic Worksrnfor Today^s ReadersrnIN DEFENSE OF FREEDOMrnAND RELATED ESSAYSrnBy Frank S. MeyerrnForeword by William C. DennisrnWhen it first appeared in 1962, In Detiense of Freedom was hailedrnby Richard M. VVeaver as “a brilliant defense of the primacy of thernperson” and an “indictment of statism and bureaucratism.” Of thernauthor, William F. Buckley, Jr., remarked, “Meyer has done morernthan anyone in America to search out the metaphysics of freedom.”rnMeyer examines the tension between the freedom of the person andrnthe power of social institutions. In his view, both the dominantrnLiberalism and the “New Conservatism” of the American traditionrnplace undue emphasis on the claims of sociol order at the expense ofrnthe individual person and liberty. In contrast, Meyer insists thatrnliberty is essential to the pursuit of virtue. Therefore, the proper end ofrnpolitical thought and action is the establishment and preservation ofrnfreedom.rnThe new Liberty Fund edition includes nine related essays, amongrnthem “Freedom, Tradition, Conservatism,” “In Defense of John StuartrnMill,” “Libertarianism or Libertinism?” and “Western Civilization: ThernProblem of Political Freedom.” A bibliographical essay traces the polemical response tornMeyer’s writings.rn240 + xxiii pages. Foreword, bibliographical essay, index.rnHardcover $15.00 0-86597-139-0rnPaperback $7.50 0-86597-140-4rn”^Goficeioedin/J^^ei^^rnFor a nation “conceived in liberty,” the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsiblernindividuals is a never-ending obligation. To encourage this deliberation, Liberty Fundrn—a private educational operating foundation established in 1960—makes available a widernrange of outstanding books. Each title explores the genesis and sustenance of liberty in individualrnlife, in society, governance, and economics. Our publications include the works ofrnAdam Smith, David Hume, Lord Acton, Ludwig von Mises, Nobel laureates F. A. Hayek andrnJames Buchanan, crucial political writings of the American founding era, and landmarkrnworks in philosophy, law, and education. We invite you to request a free copy of our catalogue.rnCall 800-955-8335 L / l b c r t V F U n Q ^^ P^^ ^”^^^rnFax 317-579-6060rn—J rate postage on or write: prepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 300, Dept. MECH, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnrnrn