Why ArernCatholicsrnAfraidrnTo Be Catholic?rnThe Vatican thunders against abortion, tyrants,rnillicit sex, consumerism, dissenting theologians,rndisobedient priests and nuns, and more. Butrnwalk into your average parish. Where’s the beef?rnWe get crumbs — and platitudes. We don’t hearrnmuch, if anything, about the Church’s teachingsrnon abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, pre-maritalrnsex, pornography, the indissolubility of marriagern— “too controversial.” Birth control andrnHell are taboo subjects. Pop psychology and feelgoodrntheology are ” i n . ” Sin is “out,” promptingrnone to wonder why Christ bothered to get crucified.rnCowardly clerics, fearful of being politicallyrnincorrect or challenging the flock or offendingrnsome stray soul, keep the full Catholic messagernfrom us. In effect we’re blindfolded — left tornstumble in the dark, prey to false prophets andrnthe sirens of the world, not even knowing whyrnwe’re Catholic.rnHow long is American Catholicism going torncensor itself, bow down before an alien culture?rnWe at the NEW OXFORD REVIEW, a monthly magazinernedited by lay Catholics, say: Enough!rnWe refuse to turn the wine of Catholicismrninto the water of religious humanism. No wonderrnNewsweek calls us “cheeky”! We support thernMagisterium, yet we’re also ecumenical — engagingrnnon-Catholics at the highest common denominatorrnof faith, not the lowest. Many of the finestrnCatholic and non-Catholic intellectuals have appearedrnin our pages: Walker Percy, Jean BethkernElshtain, John T. Noonan Jr., Peter Kreeft, ChristopherrnLasch, John Lukacs, Sheldon Vanauken,rnAvery Dulles. No wonder the Los Angeles Timesrncalls us “influential.” We hold high the banner ofrnorthodoxy, but don’t slight the demands of socialrnjustice. No wonder Utne Reader calls us “surprisinglyrnoriginal.”rnIf you’re a Catholic with the guts to reallyrnbe Catholic, or a Catholic who’s ready to have hisrnspine stiffened, or if you’re just a curious non-rnCatholic, subscribe today!rn(Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue)rnSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSrnD One-year subscription $14 (regularly $19) QrnD One-year student, unemployed, or retired person’srnsubscription $12 (regularly $16)rnD Two-year subscription $23 (regularly $35)rnNAME (Please print or type)rnSTREET ADDRESSrnCITY STATE ZIP CODErnOne-year non-U.S. subscription US$24rn(regularly $29) Payment must be drawn in U.S. Dollarsrnn Sample copy $3.50rnSend coupon or letter. Make check payable to NEWrnOXFORD REVIEW. Mail to:rnNEW OXFORD REVIEWrnRoom 861rn1069 Kains Ave.rnBerkeley, CA 94706rnPAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ORDERrnrnrn