American Outlook, a bimonthly anthologynof the world’s best writing on the future,nexamines the ideas, people, trends, andntechnologies at work shaping the futurentoday.nThe quarterly publication of the Hudson InstitutenAmerican Outlook is realistic and optimistic,nbelieving that any problems human beingsncan create, people can solve. Each issue isntailored to readers’ personal intersts:n• Business and the Economyn• Social Concernsn• International RelationsnAmerican Outlook presents the good newsnalong with the not-so-good, the solutionsnalong with the problems, giving the latestninsights into:n• trends affecting you today and transformingnthe world your children willninhabit in the future, including education,nhealth care, welfare reform, andnSocial Security,n• the world’s top policymakers andnentrepreneurs on the cutting edge ofnchange, identifying the issues they’rengrappling with and the solutionsnthey’re proposing in both the internationalnand domestic arena,n• influential books, films, media events,nart, music, and trends in mannersnand morals that shape our minds andnour future,nI today’s political controversies from annonpartisan perspective concernednabout long-term effects, providing an”lobby for the future,” andnI innovative solutions to tomorrow’snproblems from the best minds of today.nTake on tomorrownwith American Outlook.nCall today for a free media kit bynpostal mail or e-mail (PDF)n317-549-4144nINF0@AMERICAN0UTL00K.ORGnWWW.AMERICAN0UTL00K.ORGnHUDSONnINSTITUTEn$3.95/issue $19.95 for 6 issuesnBimonthly 74470-94169nnnCHR0401n