Is Charles Murrayrnnow “the mostrndangerousrnconseruative?”rnThe New York Times is worried:rn”has he gone too far?”rnIntelligence and Class Structurernin American LifernHouu to getrnthis massivern847-page,rn$30 volumernUp to $30 inrnstores – yoursrnFREErnWhy? Because Murray and the iate RichardrnHerrnstein prove something threatening tornPolitically Correct Liberalism:rnIntelligence – not environment, povertyrnor education – is at the root of our v/orstrnsocial problems. And intelligence differsrnamong identifiable groups in society.rnNo, the authors do not conclude that racial differences in IQ are necessarilyrngenetic. But they do show that 10 is the crucial factor in determiningrnone’s status in life, and must therefore be central to social policy Yearsrnof concealing this hard fact have yielded massive social problems – builtrnon a lie. And while specific remedies may be debatable, “there is no majorrndomestic issue for which the news we bring is irrelevant.”rn• IQ and crime … illegitimacy … divorce … welfare … unemploymentrn• Group IQ averages and educational achievement compared:rnwhites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Jews, males, femalesrn• Reality vs. hype: the failure of Head Start and other preschoolrnprograms to raise IQ and academic performancern• How an expanding federal government harms those with low IQs.rnWhat society can do – and once did – to help the less intelligentrn• Myth: IQ tests are culturally and racially biased. Their uncannyrnability to predict academic achievement and job performance,rnbased on decades of evidencern• How “heritable” is IQ? The contribution of environmentrnand educationrn• Do environment and history account for the poor performancernof blacks in American society?rn• How affirmative action actually hinders black achievementrn• The emerging white underclass: low intelligence, low morals,rnlow income – and a social time bombrn• The best preschool program for maximizing IQ; loving parents,rnhealthy families. Reasonsrn• The coming “custodial state”: a chilling picture of a probable futurernCause of the breakdown: declining morals.rnCure: return to the old waysrnThe conclusion is inescapable: traditional morals – reinforced in law,rnpopular culture and social policy – must guide the kind of decisionsrnthat make sense for all people, whatever their IQs. The alternative isrna new, horrible brand of class warfare. And, maybe, complete socialrnbreakdown.rn”Inflammatory. Some will say it should have been left unpublished. ‘.rnOthers will praise the courage of the authors. It will infuriate ‘.rnmany. It will persuade others. In my personal view the book, ‘•rnright or wrong, will influence the agenda for public policy •rndebates for years to come.” – J.W. Michaels, Editor, FORBES. •rnHow The Club WorksrnEvery 4 weeks {13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Club Bulletinrnwhich offers you the Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates – allrnof interest to conservatives. * If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing:rnit will come automatically. * If you don’t want the Featured Selection, or yourndo want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handy card enclosed withrnyour Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. * The majoiity of Club booksrnare offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling. * Asrnsoon as you buy and pay for 3 books at regular Club prices, your membershiprnmay be ended at any time, either by you or by the Club. * If you ever receiverna Featured Selection without having had 10 days to decide if you want it, yournmay return it at Club expense for full credit. * Good service. No computers!rn* The Club will offer regular Superbargains, mostly at 70-90% discounts plusrnshipping and handling. Superbargains do NOT count toward fulfilling yourrnClub obligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at giveaway prices. *rnOnly one membership per household.rn/Ill CONSERVATIVE I H BOOK CLUBrn33 Oakland Avenue • Harrison NY 10528rnPlease accept my membership in tiie Club and send, free andrnpostpaid, the $30 BELL CURVE by Charles Murray andrnRichard Herrnstein. I agree to buy 3 additional books at regularrnClub bargain prices over the next 18 months. I also agree to thernClub rules spelled out in this coupon.rnCCUL-118rnNamernAddressrnCity _State_ _Ziprnrnrn