Louis BromfieldnHamlin GarlandnBooth TarkingtonnGlenway WescottnLaura Ingalls WildernSherwood AndersonnErnest HemingwaynOle RolvaagnSinclair LewisnSterling NorthnEdgar Lee MastersnVachel LindsaynHart Crane,nTHE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’SnFOURTH ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOLn”The American Midwest”nJuly 24-28, 2001nDr. Thomas FlemingnPresident of The Rockford Institute and editor of ChroniclesnWilliam MillsnAuthor of The Arkansas: An American River and the forthcoming Black Sea SketchesnJustin RaimondonFounding editor oi Antiwar.com, author of Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacynof the Conservative Movement and Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. RothbardnScott P. RichertnExecutive editor oi Chronicles, M.A. in political theory from The Catholic University of America.nAaron D. WolfnAssistant editor of Chronicles, M.A. in church history from Trinity Evangelical Divinity SchoolnChilton Williamson, Jr.nSenior editor, books for Chronicles, novelist and author of five books, includingnThe Immigration Mystique: America’s False ConsciencenonnSinclair Lewis, Booth Tarkington, Louis Bromfield,nSterling North, Laura Ingalls WildernandnRobert La Follette, William Jennings Bryan, Robert Taftnand othernProgressives, Populists, Copperheads, and America FirstersnSpecial dinner events:nPresentation of The Rockford Institute’s Third Good and Faithful Servant Awardnto one of today’s great MidwesternersnandnAn evening with Anthony BukoskinProfessor of Midwestern literature at the University of Wisconsin, SuperiornAmerica’s leading chronicler of the Polish-American experiencenAuthor of the short-story collections Children of Strangers and PolonaisenN’.B. Registration is limited.nAll prices increase $50.00 after June 15.nPrices do not include books on the reading list.nBeautiful riverfront accommodationsnat Rockford’s premier hotel:nCliffbreakers Convention Centern(includes breakfast)nPlease enroll me in THK ROCKFORD iNsriTUTE’s Third Annual Summer SchoolnQ Full Registration (*450.'”‘)—includes tuition, lodgingn(double occupancy), and daily dinnernQj Full Registration, Single Occupancy (*550.°°)n[^ Commuter Registration (H95.°°) tuition onlynCommuter Registration plus daily dinner (*295.°”).n[^ I cannot attend, but I want the Summer School to be a success.nEnclosed is my contribution of $n(For a gift of $500.” or more, we’ll send you a complete set of the Summer School Audiotapes.)n[^ Please send me a brochure.nName(s)_nAddressnCity, State, ZipnPhonenPlease mail form with check to: The Rockford Institute • 928 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103nQuestions? Call Christopher Check at (815) 964-5811nnn